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Dromed 2 Complete: KomagTutvT2

Dromed 2 Traps: KomagTutTraps

My T2 Fan Missions

The Spider Caves - my first little mission
The Great Tree - my second, much better mission
Alchemic Allusions - Contest 2 entry, a whole tiny town

My T2 Demo Missions

The Two Towers - My first serious dromed work, from March, 2001
Dreamslide - contest 1 entry, a complex flowing waterslide
Traps - companion FM to KomagTut Traps
Retrieval v2 - companion FM to KomagTutvT2
Mind Master - Contest 3 entry, recreates "MasterMind"

The Keep of Metal and Gold

The Torch of Eternal Flame!

The Keep is dedicated to the Fan Missions created for "Thief: The Dark Project", its expansion "Thief Gold", and its sequel "Thief 2: The Metal Age".

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May 13, 2022 - Update

  • Updated T2 FM Reverse Robbery by RippedPhreak (this is the "Director's Cut")

April 29, 2022 - Updates

  • Updated T2 FM Reunion With Basso by Zappenduster

  • I cleaned up some old hosted files, and did some other long overdue housekeeping behind the scenes.

April 28, 2022 - New mission

April 27, 2022 - Translations updated for some FMs

  • zappenduster has hooked me up with various translations of several old missions:
    - A Short Night's Work (EN/DE)
    - A Smugglers Request (EN/DE)
    - Ack! There's a zombie in the basement (EN/DE)
    - Among Two Storms (EN/DE/FR)
    - Bloodstone Prison (EN/DE/FR)
    - Brother Snuck (DE/FR/EN)
    - Doschtle's Begin (DE/FR/EN)
    - Doschtle's Labyrinth (DE/FR/EN/IT)
    - Firefly (EN/DE)
    - FromBeneathTheSands (EN/DE/IT)
    - Greenbay (FR/EN/DE/IT)
    - Just For Show (EN/DE)
    - Les Korrigans (FR/EN/DE)
    - Returning A Favor (EN/DE)
    - Sinful Opportunities (EN/DE)
    - So Long Hammers (EN/DE/FR)
    - Sunset In Darkdale (EN/DE)
    - The BurgoMaster (EN/DE)
    - The Curse (EN/DE/FR)
    - The Lost Crusade (EN/DE)
  • For the most part the download links appear identical, but now you'll get the updated files with the translations
  • The missions haven't changed otherwise

  • New T2 FM - Doschtle's Labyrinth by Doschtle (2008)

April 21, 2022 - T2X Update

  • Updated T2 Campaign T2X: Shadows of the Metal Age by T2X Team
    - This version ditches the custom installer and runs like a normal mission (requires NewDark)

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