The Keep of Metal and Gold: Complete Thief Fan Mission Archive

Contest 1

This was the first small fan mission contest I held. At the time I called it the "64 cube" contest, as all the missions had to be built within an area in Dromed (the Thief editor) no larger than 64x64x64 units (which is 262,144 cubic units).

Build Time: Approx. July 15, 2001 to September 15, 2001.

Voting was finished October 20, 2001.

Mission Author Unique Design Gameplay Best Final
Airship, The Dave Angel 23 34 11 28 96
Dreamslide Komag 31 8 0 1 40
Escape from Blackstone Crypt Hit Deity 0 26 28 46 100
Five Minute Thieves Guild WilliamtheTaffer 0 3 3 7 13
Oswald's Patisserie PMouse 3 9 11 7 30
Turtle on Its Back, The Gonchong 35 27 9 22 93
Warehouse 51 kfgecko 34 7 27 27 95

Because the grand prize winner also nabbed first place in the third category, I awarded the first prize for that category to the second place winner.

The PRIZES were as follows:

Grand Prize (combined points from every category, including "Best overall")
Both FM CD's, shipped to your home, FREE!

1st Prize (winner of each of the three categories, 3 winners)
Your choice of one FM CD, shipped to your home, FREE!

2nd Prize (second place of each of the three categories, 3 people)
A Place of honor at the Keep for a month!