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Shimmering Light!

October 11, 2022 - New FM, Update

October 5, 2022 - New FMs, Update

August 7, 2022 - Update

July 26, 2022 - Update

July 19, 2022 - Update

June 28, 2022 - Update

June 5, 2022 - New FMs

May 26, 2022 - Update

May 13, 2022 - Update

  • Updated T2 FM Reverse Robbery by RippedPhreak (this is the "Director's Cut")

April 29, 2022 - Updates

  • Updated T2 FM Reunion With Basso by Zappenduster

  • I cleaned up some old hosted files, and did some other long overdue housekeeping behind the scenes.

April 28, 2022 - New mission

April 27, 2022 - Translations updated for some FMs

  • zappenduster has hooked me up with various translations of several old missions:
    - A Short Night's Work (EN/DE)
    - A Smugglers Request (EN/DE)
    - Ack! There's a zombie in the basement (EN/DE)
    - Among Two Storms (EN/DE/FR)
    - Bloodstone Prison (EN/DE/FR)
    - Brother Snuck (DE/FR/EN)
    - Doschtle's Begin (DE/FR/EN)
    - Doschtle's Labyrinth (DE/FR/EN/IT)
    - Firefly (EN/DE)
    - FromBeneathTheSands (EN/DE/IT)
    - Greenbay (FR/EN/DE/IT)
    - Just For Show (EN/DE)
    - Les Korrigans (FR/EN/DE)
    - Returning A Favor (EN/DE)
    - Sinful Opportunities (EN/DE)
    - So Long Hammers (EN/DE/FR)
    - Sunset In Darkdale (EN/DE)
    - The BurgoMaster (EN/DE)
    - The Curse (EN/DE/FR)
    - The Lost Crusade (EN/DE)
  • For the most part the download links appear identical, but now you'll get the updated files with the translations
  • The missions haven't changed otherwise

  • New T2 FM - Doschtle's Labyrinth by Doschtle (2008)

April 21, 2022 - T2X Update

  • Updated T2 Campaign T2X: Shadows of the Metal Age by T2X Team
    - This version ditches the custom installer and runs like a normal mission (requires NewDark)

April 18, 2022 - New Missions (2020 - 2022) - CAUGHT UP!

April 17, 2022 - New Missions (2020)

April 16, 2022 - FMs from Thief II: The Metal Age 20th Anniversary Contest (2020)

April 15, 2022 - New Missions (2019)

April 14, 2022 - FMs from Thief: The Dark Project 20th Anniversary Contest (2018)

April 13, 2022 - New Missions (2018)

April 11, 2022 - New Missions (2017), Now over 1000 FMs at the Keep!

April 10, 2022 - New Missions (2016)

April 9, 2022 - New Missions (2016)

April 8, 2022 - New Missions (Largely from 2015)

April 7, 2022 - New Missions (Largely from 2014)

April 6, 2022 - New Missions

April 4, 2022 - New Missions (largely from 2013, most require NewDark)

April 3, 2022 - New Missions (from 2012/2013, most require NewDark)

April 1, 2022 - DATABASE!

  • No April Fools joke! I finally got the first database up and running, for the main FM Archive.
  • Now you can search it by entering a keyword (such as "contest" or "2001" an author's name like "Christine"), nice!
  • I also added a couple new columns:
    - "S" for screenshots (and all the screenshots pages are fixed!)
    - "Group/Note" for missions that go together but are not a story series (or for a note, such as "demo")
  • The table is wider, so I added a blue highlight effect to help you see what row you're on.
  • This is a big day for me! And I still plan to:
    - Make further improvements to the site
    - Eventually add missions from the past 10 years to get the archive up to date.

March 29, 2022 - Website updates, mission review

  • I'm continuing to work on setting up a MySQL database for missions (and other stuff). Up until now, everything at the Keep has been hard-coded HTML (because I've never known anything about websites!)
  • I've widened the Keep a bit. Instead of targeting 800x600, it now requires browser resolution of at least 1024x768! I hope people's 2022 monitors are up to the task.
  • I played and reviewed BBB's "Augustine's Revenge", a good mission, review HERE.

March 18, 2022 - I'm Still ALIVE!

  • Wow, it's weird to see that date be nearly TEN YEARS since the last update!
  • I have a busy life, I have a wife and four kids and a job and a house and a church and a town and a game project (Dungeons of Cumorah), but I hope to make a little more time for Thief.
  • I've spent the last week stealthily working on The Keep, first bringing it back online, then fixing various broken bits, and there's still a ton left to go.
  • I have some plans to transition more of the code over to PHP (it was almost entirely HTML before), and eventually setting up a MySQL database (can you believe I never had one before!) to better manage the missions and other stuff.
  • New (old) video from 2011: Swing
  • New (old) video from 2009: Pirates Ahoy!
  • New (old) video from 2003: The Great Tree on YouTube

Shimmering Light!

September 24, 2012

  • Sensut has updated Cryptic Realms to v1.1
  • He has also released a "bonus" color version (although it does not include the ending movie)

September 11, 2012 - New FM

  • Sensut has released a new black and white mission: Cryptic Realms

August 31, 2012 - New FM

  • zappen has released a new 3-mission campaign called Reunion With Basso

July 5, 2012 - New FM

  • Xorak has released his first mission, a late "Reloaded" contest entry called What've You Found Little Fly (updated to v1.1)

July 3, 2012 - TFix!

  • Added TFix to the Downloads page, a very nice auto-patcher program for Thief 1/G to help it run on modern systems with some updated textures, widescreen, etc.

  • Added a few old mission updates that I missed long ago
  • Added a few old missions ratings and mini-reviews that I made a few years ago

June 18, 2012 - Two New Releases

  • Ricebug has fixed and updated his Strife remake series and rolled it all into one complete 11-mission campaign, nice! Download the 83MB file HERE

  • Also, cardia1 and DarthsLair have released Cathedral of St.Vincent! Download the big 188MB file HERE

June 14, 2012 - Komag DVDs Torrent

  • I made a handful of extra DVDs sets, so if you missed the deadline you can still make a donation and get one of them until they're gone

  • I've made my FINAL Final Komag DVDs collection available as one huge 33GB torrent! Download HERE (or a zipped version HERE) (removed)

    Please seed as long as you can, like for a year!

May 18, 2012 - One last time - Komag DVDs Until May 31!

  • I've gone through and gotten rid of a bunch of bloated "waste of space" files, and added many gigabytes of new FMs, to make one more FINAL Final offering of Komag DVDs - the set is Eight (8) FULL DVDs as before, but this time they are more "dense" or relevant
  • Fully FIVE of the DVDs are pure FMs. The other three DVDs are tons of other Thief stuff, like editing, loaders, videos, Dark Mod, tutorials, developer journals, T2X, patches, walkthroughs, soundtracks, etc etc etc
  • If you want to get a set before they're gone forever, CLICK HERE (removed)
  • PS - I offered a "Final" set back in July 2009, and many people have been asking for them in the years since, so I updated everything to offer one last set, and this time I mean it! With two young kids I don't have time for this DVD stuff anymore, but I want to keep the website up and running, so the funds will go for that.

May 16, 2012

  • Added some FMs that I missed before and some from the past month, including the rest of the Thief Reloaded 2 contest
  • Removed the mission size decimals, now it's just the closest megabyte

April 10, 2012 - Caught up through Present!

  • Added all the remaining missions I am currently aware of. This includes:
    - Elizabeth Bathory Campaign
    - Thief Reloaded Contest
    - Cataclysmic Revelations
    - Finals at the Academy
    - The Black Frog
    - and many more

April 9, 2012 - Caught up through part of 2010

  • Added some more missions to catch up through the middle of 2010. This includes such heavyweights as:
    - Mine Saga
    - King's Story
    - 3 Distinct Adventures
    - When Still...
    - the Summer Vacation Contest
    - and many more

  • Rearranged the FM Archive DATE columns a bit:
    - Now there will only be a "NEW" date shown if the mission has been updated.
    - All missions are by default now in order of original release date.

April 8, 2012 - Caught up through 2009

  • Added a few missions to catch up a little and finish out the archive through the end of 2009 (including "Uncadonego's No Pressure Contest").

Shimmering Light!

January 30, 2010 - Komag DVDs Torrent

  • I've made my Final Komag DVDs collection available as one huge 32GB torrent! Download HERE (removed)

    Please seed as long as you can, like for a year!

January 5, 2010 - Back Online!

  • Yay, I'm back! The site should be back to normal now, sorry for the forced hiatus. I'll try to get some updates done soon :-)

Shimmering Light!

December 7, 2009 - Main links off, mirror links still on

  • Woops, apparantly a whole ton more people downloaded the Komag DVDs than I thought! You've eaten up multiple terrabytes of bandwidth, so I have to turn off a few things on the site.

    Mainly, all the FM downloads from the Keep are off (will appear broken) for now. But you can still download all missions from the mirror link (the "L").

December 4, 2009

  • New T2 FM - Strife 4 by Ricebug. This concludes his massive Strife campaign, highly recommended!

December 1, 2009

  • I've made my Final Komag DVDs collection available for direct download. See the Komag DVDs page (removed) for details.

November 21, 2009

  • New T1 FM - The Hand of Glory by DarkThief
  • New T2 FM - The Night Before Christmas by DarkShadow
  • New TG FM - Augustine's Revenge by bbb

November 13, 2009

  • New T2 FM - Oh l'Amour by Rufus
  • New T2 FM - Eclipsed by HipBreaker
  • New T2 FM - Bonds of Mine by AntiMatter_16

November 11, 2009 - New Missions! (all in a row)

  • New T2 FM - T2 Golden Project: First City College, by BG Taffer
  • New T2 FM - Garrett's Young Years II, by Zappenduster
  • New T2 FM - Tales from the Cleft 1 - Vandal, by Balboa
  • New T2 FM - Garretts Young Years, by Zappenduster
  • New T2 FM - Wicked Webs We Weave, by Darthslair
  • New T2 FM - Seven Shades of Mercury, by Alexius
  • New T2 FM - Ice Base 1, by The Independent Thief
  • New T2 FM - Cold Feet, by The Independent Thief
  • New T2 FM - Whispers In The Desert, by nicked
  • New T2 FM - DarkStone Mine, by AntiMatter_16
  • New T2 FM - His Own Medicine, by Kanditter
  • New T2 FM - Mine Affairs, by AntiMatter_16
  • New T2 FM - Carkess Revenge, by Carkess
  • New T2 FM - Vagabond, by Random_Taffer
  • New T2 FM - City Conflict 1, by Silencium18
  • New T2 FM - City Conflict 2, by Silencium18
  • New T2 FM - City Conflict 3, by Silencium18
  • New T2 FM - Walkin On Mars, by BG Taffer
  • New T2 FM - To Send a Message, by Haplo
  • New T2 FM - Hunting Treasure, by cardia1
  • New T2 FM - Rose Cottage, by Saturnine
  • New T2 FM - Disorientation, by Melan
  • New T2 FM - Wicked Relics, by Kfort
  • New T2 FM - Strife III, by Ricebug
  • New T2 FM - Acid Trip, by Haplo

  • Updated 4th Planet to v5
  • Updated Requiem for a Thief to v1.1
  • Updated The Power of Suggestion to v1a

  • New T1 FM - Robbing a House, by BG Taffer
  • New T1 FM - Lord Beilman's Estate, by Vlad Midnight

November 7, 2009

  • New T2 FM - 4th Planet by the Independent Thief

October 19, 2009

  • Added new "Original Date" column on the FM Archive page, and changed the "Date/Pics" column to "New Date". If you know of any dates that need changing, let me know, thanks!

October 18, 2009 - New Missions!

  • The final Komag DVD offering in July was a success, and enough donations were raised to support the website expenses for a couple years or so. The Keep will go on! THANK YOU!
  • Added all remaining large mission mirrors on
  • Added all the author names for the "Classic Thief Experience" and "Thief Anniversary" contests from last year
  • Updated CoSaS Mission X to v1.13
  • Updated Dracula campaign to "Reloaded" v1.2

  • New T2 FM - The Mask part 1
  • New T2 FM - Batman (demo)
  • New T2 FM - Balfour's Secret
  • New T2 FM - Strife
  • New T2 FM - Redemption
  • New T2 FM - Mechanist Facility
  • New T2 FM - The Bloody Flounder Inn
  • New T2 FM - Carkess' Escape
  • New T2 FM - Keeper Investigations (campaign)
  • New T2 FM - Rust Belt Prison
  • New T2 FM - Deceptive Perception 2
  • New T2 FM - Memoirs of a Dead God
  • New T2 FM - Greenbay
  • New T2 FM - Off The Record
  • New T2 FM - Strife 2
  • New T2 FM - Dracula Reloaded
  • New T1 FM - Prowler of the Dark
  • New T2 FM - The Lost Castle
  • New T1 FM - Return of Ramirez
  • New T1 FM - The Hideout
  • New T2 FM - Amoral Dilemma
  • New T2 FM - The Book of Prophecy pt2: The Hidden City

July 8, 2009 - Eight Komag DVDs Until July 31!

  • I've gathered EVERYTHING I have for Thief files and the new total is Eight (8) FULL DVDs.
  • If you want to get a set before they're gone forever, CLICK HERE (removed)

July 5, 2009 - Soon: No more Komag DVDs!

  • I'm in the process of doing a final update to my Komag DVDs collection with all the latest missions and files, and then "retiring" them. I just don't have time anymore.

  • Soon I'll make the announcement for a final offering, giving everyone one last chance to get a full set of DVDs before they're gone forever!

January 27, 2009 - Help TTLG!

  • Many of you know that was down for a week or so, and although they are now back up they need help to move to a permanent new home! If a few dozen folks can donate a few bucks each we can help save TTLG! See here (broken link removed) for details.

  • I've updated the Komag DVDs to include the last couple months of missions!

January 7, 2009 - Contest Results!

  • See Anniversary Contest for details!

Shimmering Light!

Nov 30, 2008 - 13 New Contest Missions!

  • See Anniversary Contest for details!

    Download and play play play!!!

Nov 24, 2008

  • We have five missions submitted for the Anniversary Contest so far!

    The target deadline has passed, but you can still use the next few days to finish up your mission! Work hard and try to get it all done and turned in before the public release on the 30th.

  • If a few of you do all you can and still find that you need a few more days past the 30th, we'll consider a brief extension. We'll see where we stand by the 28th.

Nov 18, 2008

  • With the Anniversary Contest deadline looming, I've received word from a few authors that their intended missions are far behind and won't be done, so they have to drop out. We understand, life happens.

    If you are an author with a mission done (or nearly so) for the contest, please let me know about it so I can take a "head count" of remaining missions. If there are at least three missions, we'll continue with the contest schedule, otherwise it may have to be cancelled. You can send me an email or post on the Thief Fan Mission forum.


  • Southquarter and the Keep have teamed up to bring you a new contest in celebration of the upcoming 10th Anniversary of the release of Thief: The Dark Project.

    It's called the "Thief Anniversary Contest", which you can read all about on the Thief Fan Mission forums and also on the Contest page here at the Keep!

    We highly encourage anyone and EVERYONE to take a couple weeks some time during the next two months and make a fun contest entry! Help us celebrate this momentous milestone, and be a part of Thief History!

    I absolutely positively swear on my father's grave (rest his soul) that this will be the last classic Thief contest I will be a part of, so let's make it a GREAT one, with 20 or more FMs!!! I may even dust off my own Tutorial, re-learn Dromed, and make a contest entry myself!

  • Also, while you were sleeping, some folks under the direction of Uncadonego finished their Classic Thief Experience contest missions which were publically released last week. Play them all and then VOTE on the forums!

  • New T2 FM - Bafford's Town House
  • New T2 FM - The Plot Thickens
  • New T2 FM - Shadow Moon
  • New T2 FM - A Simple Job Planned For This Evening
  • New T2 FM - Unbidden Guest
  • New T2 FM - The Unsung Villain

Aug 29, 2008 - New Missions!

  • New T2 FM - The Legend of the Four Elements 2 - The Last Hope, by Theker.
  • New T2 FM -Keeper Investigations, by intruder.
  • New T2 FM - Mission X, by Digital Nightfall. This is the long awaited second CoSaS mission, sequel to "Gathering at the Inn"!
  • New T2 Campaign - Pirates Ahoy, by Christine. This is an extremely gorgeous and impressive four mission mini-campaign that you MUST play!
  • New T2 FM - A New Place for Ghosts, by cardia1.
  • Updated The Legend of the Four Elements 1, by Theker.
  • New T2 FM - Heart of Bohn, by Wille. This is the second "Mystic Gems" mission, sequel to "Unlucky Soul"
  • New T2 FM - On All Souls' Day, by Sensut. This is the third part of his excellent Elizabeth Bathory series.

August 28, 2008

  • The Keep awards Queue "Most active follower of news updates at the Keep", a very prestigious award indeed!

  • ...but seriously, I've gotten a few weeks behind on the latest missions, and will get them posted very soon, promise :-)

July 25, 2008

  • New T2 FM - Evirath's Misery, by Turcaill. "You recieved a letter from an old mate named Franklyn. He askes you for help..." The file has also been updated to the "revised" package to solve some ZIP file problems.

July 20, 2008

  • New T2 FM - The Horn, by Silencium18. "Mr.Masso, one of the richest guys in the town, stole Basso�s horn..."

July 19, 2008

  • New T2 FM - The Uninvited Guest, by eepcat. "I was awoken this evening by a light knock on the door... and a letter from the Keepers..."

July 3, 2008

  • New T2 FM - Skylab, by Bulgarian_Taffer. "OK... Once again you hear rumors that the Mechanists are running a top secret project and..."

July 1, 2008 - Five Komag DVDs!

  • I've done a large reorganization of the Komag DVDs (it was long overdue), and now there are five of them! That's over 20 GB of Thiefy goodness. See all the details HERE (removed)

June 29, 2008

  • New T2 FM - Strife, by Ricebug. "Strife was a game released in May 1996, by Velocity Development and Rogue Entertainment. It was built on a heavily modified DooM� engine."

June 27, 2008

  • New T2 FM - Lord of the Thieves: Attack of the Orcs, by Cavalorn. "Yesterday evening an army of orcs sieged and took the city of Nahoras"

June 17, 2008

  • Updated Good Vs. Bad to v2.5

June 12, 2008

  • Updated Gold in Fort Knocks to v3, transitioning from Thief 1 to Thief Gold.

May 31, 2008

  • New T2 FM - Broken Triad, by Eshaktaar. This is the highly anticipated years-in-the-making sequel to the universally praised classic Ominous Bequest (which I personally scored with my highest possible rating of 11)! Enjoy!

May 29, 2008

  • New T2 FM - The Legend of the Four Elements, by Theker. This version includes support for both English and the original German.

May 27, 2008 - 7 New Missions!

  • New T2 FM - John Dosio's Compound, by cardia1. This is the updated version 1.1 from a few days ago.
  • New T2 FM - Carneval, by Silencium. This is a small little "steal the loot" mission.
  • New T2 Demo FM - Bruder Snuck, by Silencium. This is a German only demo mission, something about "Brother Snuck", a Mechanist magician, and a local Thieves Guild.
  • New TG FM - Captured by Beasts, by Dront. "Looks like the Trickster's minions who are still alive wanted me to pay for their master's death"
  • New TG FM - Holy Hammer, by Dront. "My new shelter is not far from the Hammers' temple"
  • New TG FM - Admiral's Compass, by Dront. "I was offered a job to get to Admiral Regalio (Captain Regalio's brother who I robbed in the Mage Towers) to steal his compass"
  • New TG FM - Returning the Lockpicks, by Dront. "I was walking down the street and collided with a strange man. And after I came home, I realized my lockpicks were gone"
  • Updated Lesson Learned, A to v1.1. This small texture and gameplay update is actually 5 years old, but was missed by the Keep at the time in 2003.

May 26, 2008

  • New T2 Demo FM - Hookshot, by Thief0. "If you've played Zelda: Ocarina of time, you should know what I'm talking about"

May 14, 2008 - Rocksbourg Part 3!

  • New T2 FM - Ink and dust, by DrK. This is the third part of his excellent "A Night in Rocksbourg" series, highly praised by the Thief community. It is recommended that you play this mission slowly and deliberately to get the best experience possible.

  • Updated Ominous Bequest to Gold version. In anticipation of the next mission in the series, Eshaktaar has gone back and updated the textures and visuals (and fixed a couple minor issues and included a Spanish translation) in this highly praised classic.

May 10, 2008

  • New TG FM - Plot, by Dront. This mini campaign contains three Thief Gold missions: The Jewelled Sword, To The Meeting and The Kill For Life.
  • Dark Assassin has re-released a few older missions:
    Your Last Breath
    Island of Iron 1: Fortress of Steel
    Island of Iron 2: Confrontation
    These have been repackaged but not actually updated, so there are no new changes from the original releases in 2002/2003.
    Sort by Series in the archive to now see the complete "Quick Cash" series 1-7

May 8, 2008

  • New T2 FM - Sir William's Keep, by Wille. "Sir William is very interested buying this shiny book..."

May 2, 2008

  • New T2 FM - Chat Noir, by Gambit. "You are Chat Noir, a petty thug from the interior of France..."

April 29, 2008

  • Updated The Mirror to v 1.1, fixing a few bugs

April 24, 2008

  • New T2 FM - The Mirror, by Zontik. "In a world without reflections, comes a Mirror!"

April 18, 2008

  • New TG FM - Castle of the Dead, by darthsLair. You will want to have Thief Gold rather than just Thief 1 with the TG "patch" in order to experience the full mission.

April 11, 2008

  • Updated Eye of the Tiger to v 1.01. Catman has fixed a few small issues including an objectives problem.

April 7, 2008

  • New T2 FM - Eye of the Tiger, by Catman. This is part two of his "The Five Tigers" campaign, which started with "HBS Iron Butterfly".
  • New T2 FM - The Crazy Maniac Mr. Timms and The Wooden Shack, by john-the-begger. This is a tiny map he made while taking a break from his larger campaign project.

April 1, 2008

  • New T2 FM - We miss you, Bob!, by Monastiri. "Garrett's old friend Lady Agutt needs help at saving her kidnapped baby boy, Bob, from EVIL guy Lord Marboby, who lives in his manor."

March 30, 2008

  • New T2 FM -, by Gambit. This is his first offering, a small mission inspired by the Counter-Strike "Assault" map, with one objective, an assassination.

March 16, 2008

  • Updated Thief - The Flying Age to v1.17. Sterlino fixed a few things for v1.16 and now fixed a final bug for 1.17.

March 14, 2008

  • New T2 FM - Thief - The Flying Age, by Sterlino
  • Updated Deep Trouble: City Under the Sea to v C. Dark Assassin has fixed a bug which ended a mission early.

March 10, 2008

  • Updated All for a Night's Sleep to v1.1. Vigil has fixed a bug and added more details and other fixes, properly finishing the map.

March 7, 2008

  • "New" T2 Campaign - Deep Trouble: City Under the Sea, by Dark Assassin. This is another update and compilation of John D. FMs, this time "Deep Trouble" and "Deep Trouble 2" (which itself had two parts), forming a new three part mini-campaign.

March 6, 2008

  • New T2 FM - UnMasked, by Nielsen74. It's a small "lunchbreak" "grab and get out" mission.

March 2, 2008

  • Updated Temple of Death to v2. cardia1 has fixed various issues and made this the final release.
  • Updated Playground of Doom to v2. Ditto

February 28, 2008

  • New T2 FM - All for a Night's Sleep, by Morrgan. It's been a few years so it's nice to see something new from this amazing author!

February 23, 2008

  • Updated Citadel of Douro to v2. cardia1 has fixed various issues and made this the final release.
  • Updated Pereira's Mansion to v2. Ditto
  • Updated Teddy Bear's Curse to v2. Ditto
  • Updated Time for Culture to v2. Ditto

February 22, 2008 - Missions Mirrored!

  • I've begun to set up the main FM archive so that every mission has two file hosts, the main one here at and then mirrored at As of now all but the largest FMs are mirrored (please let me know of any bad links, thanks).

    This should help those of you who have trouble connecting to one host or the other, especially when a mission is new and being downloaded a lot.

  • Updated Rowena's Curse to v3. Lady Rowena has spent a month updating architecture, textures, and objects.

February 20, 2008

  • "New" T2 Campaign - Dark Beginnings, by Dark Assassin. This is actually an update and compilation of the original John D. missions "Burglary in Blackbrook", "Shadows of the Past" (now "A Spooky Interlude"), and "Quick Cash".

February 19, 2008

  • Updated Vadrigar's Prison to v2. cardia1 has fixed various issues and made this the final release.

February 18, 2008

  • Updated Broken Heart to v2. cardia1 has fixed various issues and made this the final release.

February 11, 2008

  • Updated Brawl in the Tombs to v2c. Dark Assassin has revamped this older John D. mission quite a bit.

February 9, 2008

  • Updated Sly's UT Arena 2 to v1.1. This adds a few inventory items to help you survive a fall.

February 8, 2008

  • New T2 demo FM - Sly's UT Arena 2, by SlyFoxx.

February 6, 2008

  • Some new (and old) screenshots:
    - poorly taken shots of a Elevator Mission T2, by JIS. (The crappiness of the shots actually seems to lend a certain interesting appeal)
    - shots of Gathering at the Bar T2 conversion, by Jimmy
    - more shots of Sepulchre of the Sinistral, by Doaal
    - shots of Gerome of the Woodlands, by Despot
    - shots of Talisman of the Keepers, by Kozmala
    - shots of Nightmares, by Five French Authors
    - shots of Fletcher's Final Mistake, by SlyFoxx
    - more shots of Two Fathers, by Uncadonego
    - shots of Rowena's Curse, by Lady Rowena
    - shots of Just Take a Look, by Uncadonego
    - shots of Something Up There, by ewillems
    - nice shots of Hidden Agenda, by AsyluM
    - shots of House of Random, by Schwaa
    - shots of The Careless Hand, by pbucko
    - shots of The Mages Area, by mad god
    - shots of A Lesson Learned, by Balrog
    - shots of The Immoral Immortal, by Zail
    - shots of Guardhouse 2, by Banshee
    - shots of A Secret Affair, by Aisha
    - shots of Lord Binclair, by von.Eins
    - shots of Heist Society, by AsyluM

February 5, 2008

  • More Upcoming:
    - 2002 shot of a mission, by wrothgar
    - 2003 shots of a mission, by Wille
    - 2003 shots of Heart of Stone, by azrarhn
    - 2006 shots of Order of the Dragons: Part 1, by azrarhn
    - 2006 shots of Weird, Hammerite, Alternative, by azrarhn. These are a shot or two from each of three separate missions that were abandoned.
    - Impressive 2007 shots of Mystic Gems 2, by Wille.

February 4, 2008

  • Updated the Upcoming page a little:
    - 2002 shots of a mission, by BlackRuin
    - 2003 shots of a mission by Polygon
    - 2003 shots of The Akkarsargul And The Realms Of Power, by BlackRuin
    - 2003 shots of A Night To Remember, by WB Cody

January 31, 2008

  • Updated The Folly of Youth to version 2. This fixes a guard getting stuck bug and adds Italian and German translations.

January 29, 2008

  • Added screens and review of Bad Debts. Highly recommended!

January 27, 2008

  • Updated Thief Trinity to a bug-free v3.0 (it was already v3, c'est la vie). This update fixes bugs and also changes some aspects of the mission.

January 24, 2008 - Sabotaged Links at TTLG

  • It has come to my attention that many of the links posted recently on the Thief forums pointing to this site and to (posted there by Shadak who is helping out the with the sites lately) have been SABOTAGED to point to This is unfortunate and disappointing.

    What's happening is this - the links are being edited by someone at the forums with the authorization to edit others' posts. In the Thief Fan Mission forum for instance, the moderators epithumia and Nightwalker could do it, but I'm quite certain it's neither of them. That leaves the TTLG Forum Admins: Gingerbread Man and David.

    C'mon guys. You banned me over a year and half ago. Are you ever going to let it go? I'm sure someone has gotten a nice little snicker out of this quaint trick, but I suggest that it's time to let bygones be bygones, as I have. Links about the recent missions being hosted are for the forum users' benefit, and I would humbly ask you to please leave them be. That's reasonable, isn't it?

  • EDIT - The links all appear to be fixed now, thank you.

January 20, 2008

  • New Upcoming T2 FM Bane III: Temple of Eternal Agony by theImmortalThief.
  • Fixed a few old Upcoming links and added a few old missing screens.

January 17, 2008

  • New T2 FM Book of Prophecy, The - Part 1: Dead Letter Box by Schattengilde.

January 16, 2008

  • New T2 FM Bestest FM 4: Wishy Washy by Sluggs.

January 12, 2008

  • Updated Seven Sisters, The to version 2. This fixes a few small issues such as Basso freezing and some readables errors, plus adds some new objects.

January 8, 2008

  • New T2 FM Time for Culture by cardia1. This is the updated version that fixes a palatte issue, especially in conjunction with the Thief Enhancement Pack.

January 2, 2008

  • Updated Thief Enhancement Pack again, fixes another bug in the installer.

    Details and discussion can be read on the Thief forums

January 1, 2008

  • Updated Thief Enhancement Pack to include the fixed Thief 1/G installer.

Shimmering Light!

December 31, 2007

  • A Thief Enhancement Pack has been released which updates the models and textures for Thief 1,G,2. All instructions are included in the zip (it is very simple to install). Enjoy!

December 28, 2007 - Dark Mod Contest, HELP!

  • The Dark Mod is the future of Thief FMs. Right now they are in a major contest for best mod in the world! YOU CAN HELP!!! Here is a quote from their development team:

  • Update on the moddb contest: As I write this, TDM is #40! Wow! The top 5 is in sight, but we need your help to make it there!

    We made it into the top 100 thanks to everyone who voted before. But now there's a second round of voting, in which previous votes are not automatically counted. So if you want to help us out, please vote again!

    As for how to vote in this second round, it (confusingly) can't be done from The Dark Mod's own page on moddb. You have to go here:

    Scroll down to "Best Upcoming Mods & Indie Games of 2007" - it's a few screens down the page. Click on "Doom III" to expand it, and then click the "click here to vote" button next to The Dark Mod.

    As before, votes from registered users count for a lot more than anonymous votes, so please log in to moddb if you have an account. Or create one if you don't have one (it's free).

    Thanks for your support! And if we do get into the top 5, well... I'm sure we would find some way to express our gratitude.

    Hint. Hint.

  • New T2 FM - Doom, by Ricebug. This is a recreation of the first two levels of the classic Doom PC game (E1M1 and E1M2).

December 27, 2007

  • Updated T2 FM - Thief - The Chain Project, by multiple authors. This is just an old update that I missed last April.
  • Fixed some older news links.

December 26, 2007

  • Updated T2 Campaign - Dracula, by Sensut. It is now the final version 1.4.
  • Updated T2 FM - Thief Trinity, by Theker, to version 3
  • Updated T2 FM - Elizabeth Bathory Chapter 1, by Sensut, to final version 2.
  • Fixed some other minor issues.

December 24, 2007

  • New T2 Campaign - Seven Sisters, The, by Lady Rowena. This is a highly anticipated mini-campaign with three missions from the author that brought you the acclaimed "Rowena's Curse".
  • New T2 FM - United Bank of Auldale, by mxleader. He notes that this mission has sound bugs and broken bits like bad keys, but just to try to enjoy it anyway.

December 23, 2007

  • New T2 demo FM - St. Francis' Folly, by Yandros. This is just a tiny one-room demo "mission" which recreates a classic Tomb Raider scene.

December 21, 2007

  • New T2 FM - The Suffer Catalyst, by Asgaroth.

December 20, 2007 - Over 20 FMs! 666? Merry Christmas!

  • New T2 FM - Lord Gibson's Estate, by Mr.Magoo. I remember reading about bugs and crashes, so be warned.
  • New T2 FM - Defense Assasination, by john-the-begger.
  • New T2 FM - Bane I - Keep of Deceit, by theImmortalThief.
  • New T2 FM - Elizabeth Bathory Chapter 1, by Sensut. This is the 1.1 version, no need for any patch.
  • New T2 FM - Arac Attack, by Theker.
  • New T2 FM - Scepter of Dor Am'al Part 1: Shipwreck, by Jesps.
  • New T2 FM - Doschtles Beginn, by Doschtle. This is his widely expanded version of my Komag Tutorial mission "Retrieval". German only.
  • New T2 FM - Thork, by Ricebug. This mission recreates the "Great Underground Empire" from Zork. Beware of Grues and twisty little passages all alike!
  • New T2 FM - Ultima Ratio, by MH.TheFreak.
  • New T2 FM - Bane II - Cult of the Damned, by theImmortalThief.
  • New T2 FM - The Wedding of Lady Dark, by Theker.
  • New T2 FM - The Lost Crusade, by Spoonman.
  • New T2 FM - Hammerite Deathmatch, by Yandros.
  • New T2 FM - The Way of the Sword, by Ottoj55.
  • New T2 FM - The Box, by ghost_in_the_shell.
  • New T2 FM - Thief Trinity, by Theker.
  • New T2 FM - Unnecessary Risk, by SlyFoxx.
  • New T2 FM - Three Crowns, by bbb.
  • New T2 FM - Elizabeth Bathory Chapter 2: Blood On Ice, by Sensut.
  • New T2 FM - A Love Story IV, by John Denison.
  • New T2 FM - Unusual Conditions, by Christine. This demo mission shows off a cool new crossbow made and implemented by Greenhorn.
  • New T2 FM - Bad Debts, by Melan. This is his first mission, a nice large city!
  • Updated T2 FM - Temple of Death, by cardia1. He tweaked the settings for the final version of this challenging combat mission.
  • Updated TG FM - Murder in Featherstone, by Sluggs.
  • New T1 FM - In the Loom of Doom, by DarthsLair.

  • That's all of them! If you notice any FMs missing let me know, thanks!
  • By the way, since I last estimated that there were around 620 FMs (not including "demos"), 46 more have come out, so now there are 666 FMs. I hope that's not some sort of sign or anything...

December 19, 2007 - New Missions!

  • New T2 FM - Ura, Turi Robert. This FM actually contains two more missions in his long "Haddur" series.
  • New T2 Campaign - Dancing with the Dead, by Gregorius. This small two-mission campaign includes an updated "A Rift in the Loot" and a new second FM "Deep Analysis".
  • New T2 FM - Mystery at the St. Anne Inn, by eepcat.
  • New T2 FM - Bloodmist Tower, by Kfort.
  • New T2 FM - The Unknown Treasure, by GORT.
  • Updated T2 FM - Reflections, by Ricebug. This just fixes an old objectives problem.
  • Updated T1 FM - Gold in Fort Knocks, by DarthsLair. This adjusts the ambient lighting and fixes a couple other minor issues.
  • Updated T1 FM - Lord Bafford's Manor CE, by sNeaksieGarrett.
  • Updated T2 FM - Snowstorm, by Theker. This update contains a full English translation (by Mirko) of the previously German-only snowy mission.
  • Updated T2 FM - Playground of Doom, by cardia1. This fixes a few things and is the final version.

  • I Added back into the archive the 8 FMs that were missing due to being banned from the Komag DVDs (I was keeping sync with my mission folders, but I've reorganized some things). The archive should now be pretty much complete after I've gotten caught up with recent months.

  • Also, I made a separate "bundle" available for people to get those 8 missions in a single download, listed at the bottom of the Komag DVDs page, or Here (50MB).

  • Changed the table sorting default to Ascending first, then click again for Descending (I think it usually makes more sense this way)

September 13, 2007

  • New T2 FM - Playground of Doom, by cardia1.

  • I know there are quite a few missions over the past month that I haven't put up yet - I will soon!

August 4, 2007 - New Contest!

  • Yandros has recently released a great "Hammerite Mission Development Kit" for Dromed 2, and is now preparing to host a Hammerite themed contest (sounds like a GREAT idea to me!), and he has asked that anyone who is interested in entering please contact him so he can get an idea of how many authors there might be.
  • See this thread on the TTLG forums HERE

July 30, 2007

  • New T2 FM - Bestest FM 3: In a Link of an Eye, by Sluggs.

July 8, 2007

  • New T2 FM - Obligatory Prison Mission, by Maver1ck.

June 26, 2007

  • New T2 FM - Escape From the Planet of the Robots, by Sliptip. I recompiled the zip to include the needed version of "gen.osm" (although most of you already have it).
  • New T2 FM - Rebel, by john-the-begger. This is a very simple small mission which he calls a "demo".

June 22, 2007

  • New T2 FM - Snowstorm, by Theker. I have already integrated the separate patch that was available. This is a German mission, but is playable even if you don't know the language.

    Thanks to balbaro, here is a translation of the objectives:
    - You need four objects to be able to enter the fortress, One of the objects is the "Raibber", find it!
    - The "Flaight Stab" should be found in the Hammerite church, you dreamt, its being guarded by a statue, steal it also!
    - The black stone of "Falken" can be found in the Police outerpost, steal it aswell!
    - In the city, there is a abandoned house, something terrible happend there, you'll have to go there to steal the "Lebenstalismann".
    - Steal another 5000 so you'll have enough money to buy your equipment for the next mission.

June 20, 2007

  • Updated T2 FM - Teddy Bear's Curse, by cardia1. This update fixes some readables, adjusts an AI hit points, and adds and Italian translation

June 16, 2007

  • New T2 FM - Teddy Bear's Curse, by cardia1.

June 15, 2007

  • New T2 FM - Love Story III, A, by John Denison. This mission requires Nameless Voice's NVScript v1.09, available below...
  • New Downloads File - Nameless Voice Scripts. Most places around the net, including Nameless Voice's own website (hint hint), only have v1.07 from 2005!

June 14, 2007

  • New T2 FM - Bestest FM 2: Fairground Attraction, by Sluggs.

June 6, 2007

  • New T2 FM - Tipping the Scales, by Apache. This is the long awaited first mission of his "Same Shtuff, Different Day" campaign
  • New T2 FM - Shadows of Eidolon, by masterthief3.

June 4, 2007 - Masters of Horror Contest!

  • A new contest has been completed, spawning four new small missions, called the Masters of Horror Contest.
  • New T2 FM - The Dead of Winter
  • New T2 FM - The Island
  • New T2 FM - Last Caress
  • New T2 FM - Torn Apart

  • Also, New T2 FM - The Radiant Garden, by Theker. This mission is originally German, so the English translation is known to be a little sketchy.

May 30, 2007

  • New TG Campaign - Golden Book, by Zontik. This is a compilation of his three Thief Gold missions (Golden Book of Keepers, The Last Page, The Eternal Candle), which have been renamed, fixed up, and tied together nicely for a more wholistic Thief experience. I've removed the individual FMs from the archive.

  • Updated A Dark Night, by JewelThief, to v1.1. This just adds an Italian translation.

May 28, 2007

  • New T2 FM - A Dark Night, by JewelThief.

May 20, 2007

  • I've made little video of Lord Alan's Factory (16MB) in place of taking screenshots.

May 19, 2007 - How Many FMs? (Around 620)

  • New T2 FM - Underneath, by Charlybegood. This mission is also known as "La Mine" in French, and has both English and French texts.

  • The Keep is missing exactly 8 missions due to authors' requests to not include them on the Komag DVDs (I use the same file folders to make the discs as I do to maintain my Thief sites, so I've found it works best to keep them in sync). But counting zip files may seem to indicate that the Keep is missing a lot more FMs.

    The thing is, I try to maintain the FM archive well, including filtering out individual missions when the full campaign becomes available. For example, if you count zips at you'll find six by frobber, but five are just incomplete variations of "A Keeper of the Prophecies", and I only carry the one zip of the full campaign. Same thing for Christine Schneider, around 20 zips there, just a few here.

    However, if there are any other missions that I really am missing, please let me know and I'll try to get it fixed quickly! ;-)

    By the way, though it's tricky to count FMs (due to campaigns with multiple missions, demos which don't really count, etc), I count around 620 overall for Thief 1/G/2

May 15, 2007

  • Updated Lost Souls, by TheNightTerror, to v1.4. This March update fixes a couple minor but important bugs, and should be the last one.

May 14, 2007

  • Updated Temple of Death, by cardia1, to v1.1. This update adds Italian, fixes a couple things, and also increases the challenge on "Hard" and "Expert"

May 12, 2007

  • New T2 FM - Lord Alan's Factory, by Andrea Aleotti.

May 10, 2007

  • Updated T2 Campaign - Dracula, by Szab� Csaba. I've incorporated his latest patch so the campaign is now v1.3. This just fixes a "detonation arrows" problem in the second mission, and adds some blank book art files.
    - If you just want to download the patch and install it manually, visit his site here. (link removed)

May 9, 2007

  • New T2 FM - Temple of Death, by cardia1. This is the updated complete version.

May 1, 2007 - New Missions!

  • New T2 Campaign - Dracula, by Szab� Csaba. The first four missions were released individually over the past year or so, and now this 110 MB campaign download contains all 5 FMs plus a small bonus epilogue.
    - I've also recompiled it to include his 1.2 update patch release a few days ago, so the file is fully up to date and doesn't require you to do any manual patching.
  • New TG FM - The Eternal Candle, by Zontik. This is part three in his series.
  • New T2 FM - The Mountain Monestary, by Christine. It's from last fall but I somehow missed it!

  • Updated Assault at the Gas Station, by Sterlino, to v1.2. This update fixes a couple minor gamemplay issues.
  • Updated Pereira's Mansion, by cardia1. This update just adds an Italian translation.
  • Updated Citadel of Douro, by cardia1. This is a more significant update.
  • Updated Mysterious Invitation, by MH.TheFreak. This large update adds new areas and other things.

  • Added System Shock 2 Soundtrack as a temporary (a few months) download for all you fans out there. MysteryDev released this to the community recently.
  • Added Thief II The Metal Age Mix mp3 track, also provided by MysteryDev (who isn't too much of a mystery to the more observant taffer's out there!)

  • I'm pretty sure that's all the recent missions and that I'm not missing any, but if you know of one or two I missed please let me know and I'll get it updated right away!
  • With "ThiefMissions" being inactive lately, I'm going to try to keep the Keeps more regularly up to date with the latest missions.

April 24, 2007 - More Upcoming FMs!

  • A few more old Upcoming FMs:
    - 2004 shots of Grim, by d'Spair
    - 2003 shots of an FM by Ieldra
    - 2003 shots of Lord Maguire Estates 2, by Cardavin
    - bad 2003 shots of Routine Stuff, by MasterOfStealth
    - bad 2002 shots of Numbnuts, by Theef
    - 2002 shots of Psycho-Logical, by William the Taffer
    - 2003 shots of Wishful Thinking, by Oli G
    - 2003 shots of PAS, by Vigil
    - AMAZING shots of Broken Triad, by Eshaktaar
    - 2003 shots of an FM by UnderTow
    - 2003 shots of an FM by tnl
    - 2002 shots of Ruins of Originia 2, by YcatX
    - A 2002 shot of an FM by rob_beddall
    - 2002 shots of A Simple Job Planned, by riche
    - 2002 shots of Book of the Dead, by riche
    - 2002 shots of Mages of Drom's Head, by The Watcher
    - A couple new old shots of a forest FM by Necrovox
    - 2003 shots of Graveyard Shift, by Dark Arrow
    - 2003 shots of Welcome to Blackbrook, by Dark Arrow
    - Impressive 2002 shots of an FM by OptimusPrime

  • Plus I went through and updated the dates and status of all the other old FMs. If anything is inaccurate, let me know, thanks.

April 20, 2007 - Upcoming Missions!

  • I've updated the Upcoming page more:
    - The Hammerite Imperium has received an overhaul (by Alexius)
    - Some "new" old pics of First Night Out, by EmperorSteele
    - Old (impressive) shots from Faceless, by Dario
    - A few more old shots of Blue Moon, by Sharga
    - Old shots of Dark Fortress, by Sharga
    - A few more old shots of Dark Hammer, by Kozmala
    - Some 2003 shots from The Seventh Crystal 2, by Saturnine

  • There's still a TON left that I have sitting in a folder. Perhaps I'll get them all done, and then work on putting up stuff that is actually current!

April 17, 2007

  • I've updated the Upcoming page a bit (with Phantom's help), also adding some color coding and status dates.

April 10, 2007

  • New Upcoming T2 FM A Keeper's Betrayal - Part 2, by The Immortal Thief

  • I haven't kept the Upcoming page up to date in years, and I'm not sure when (or entirely if) it will get all fully caught up. But if you notice any mistakes or you know of mission status changes, I would appreciate if you let me know.

    Plus if you are working on something and would like to see it added to the Upcoming page, let me know and email me some screenshots (or links to them), and I'll try to put them up quickly.

April 6, 2007 - New Missions!

  • New T2 FM - Thief - The Chain Project, by many authors!
  • New T2 FM - HBS Iron Butterfly, by Catman
  • New T2 FM - Librarian, The, by nightshifter
  • New T2 FM - Dance With The Dead, by Yandros
  • New T2 FM - Dirty Business, by Dr Sneak
  • New T2 FM - The Darkthrone, by Sensut. (now part of Dracula campaign)
  • Updated T2 FM - Vadrigar's Prison, by cardia1

    That should be all of them now, but if I'm missing any let me know.

March 3, 2007

  • New T2 FM - Broken Heart, by cardia1

Feb 6, 2007 - Komag's Ghost

  • Okay, last week I emailed Dave asking if I may be un-banned, promising I would behave myself on the forums. I figure that I've been banned for over 6 months now, that I've "done my time" so to speak, and that perhaps I can rejoin the community.
  • I never heard back, so I thought maybe the old email address I had was wrong. I also sent an administrator message, but I don't know if those get checked or if it worked.
  • So about a half hour ago I registered as "Komag's Ghost", figuring I'll just see how it goes. It didn't. I was suddenly banned after about 15 minutes. That's fast! There has been no communication, but I must assume it's a big "NO!" from the higher ups.
  • If you're reading this admins, can we have a change of heart, let bygones be bygones?

Feb 5, 2007 - Wow 40 New FMs!

  • Bunches of new missions! You can find them all on the FM Archive page, mostly from the past few months going back to about July!
  • There's always lots to do on the Keep, getting all those missions up is a big relief!

Jan 21, 2007

  • New T2 FM - A Debt Repaid, by Ottoj55

  • I have a bunch of other missions to add, hopefully soon!

Shimmering Light!

Oct 29, 2006 - Water Contest Results!

  • It's 11:58pm Eastern US and I've just finished the Water Contest results! Read and enjoy!

Oct 26, 2006

  • Just a quick update to let you know that the Water Contest results are being processed and should be out on Oct 29. By the way, good turnout - there were 72 voters, the most ever!

Sept 22, 2006 - Water Contest FMs Released!!!

  • The Water Contest missions are out! See the Water Contest page for all the details!
  • Download and print out the helpful Water Contest Pre-Voting Form. You can use this form to help you keep track of your ratings and thoughts as you play the missions.
  • Play all the missions!
  • When you're ready, go to the Voting Page to rate the Water Contest missions!   (Rating them in GarrettLoader won't contribute to the contest results.)

  • And the missions are...(drum roll...)...

  • A.K.A. Noah
  • Dangerous Conditions
  • In These Enlightened Times
  • Lost Souls
  • Sneaking through Venice
  • Temple of the Tides, The
  • What Lies Below

  • Email me if there are any problems. HAVE FUN!!!

Sept 15, 2006 - Water Contest!

  • Today's the deadline for your submissions. If you have any last minute fixes you need to work on, let me know via email what's going on (if you haven't already).
  • Now I'll work on getting everything set up, and next week all the missions will be officially released so the playing/voting can begin! Woohoo!

Aug 18, 2006 - New Contest Deadline Sept 15

  • For various reasons I have decided to push back the Water Contest final due date (and corresponding release date and voting deadline) by two weeks. The new deadline is September 15.
  • If you are already mostly done, now's your chance to really add some polish and sharpen things up.
  • Or, if you haven't started anything, you could still manage to create a descent mission in the next four weeks!

August 6, 2006 - Banning Explained

  • My ttlg banning has garnered some attention lately, and a lot of folks are curious, so I've written out a long explanation of events as openly and accurately as I can recall. You can read it HERE.

July 17, 2006

  • New FM Portisco Head for Thief 2.

July 16, 2006 - BANNED!

  • The guys at the ttlg forums have decided to show me the door.

    If you're curious about why, see this thread (link removed)

  • Don't worry, the Water Contest is still proceeding as planned :-)

July 12, 2006 - Water Contest - There's Still Time!

  • New FMs The Storm for Thief 1 and A Lovely Night for Thief 2.

  • You still have about 7 weeks until the final deadline for the Water Contest! Even if you started now, you could easily finish a cool little mission in time! Join us! Join us NOW!

June 28, 2006 - Over 60 New FMs!!!

  • Holy Crap! I just spent the last few days working on getting the main FM Archive updated with all the recent missions over the past few months.
  • Feel free to browse the archive and download all the new missions you want!
  • If anyone (especially mission authors) notices any errors or finds bad links, let me know, thanks!

June 25, 2006 - Large FMs, Water Contest

  • Updated the main FM Archive links for most of the largest missions (Calendra's Legacy, Gathering at the Inn, Night Falcon, etc).

    Now you can download them directly as single files instead of multiple "chunks" which require unzipping, unraring, etc. Hopefully it will make things a bit easier

  • Keep working on those Water Contest missions - I hear some of you have some interesting FMs in the works for this! You still have over two months to build these, plenty of time for a good small mission!

June 14, 2006

  • I've updated the Komag DVDs, especially Komag DVD 3 with new game demos (Hitman: Bloodmoney, Fear, a few more), plus a folder of "Classic Demos" such as Doom 95, Duke Nukem 3D, Starcraft, etc. See the Komag DVDs page for details.

June 12, 2006

  • The Water Contest has been updated with far more flexible size layout rules. See the Water Contest page for all the new options!

June 9, 2006 - Water Contest!

  • I'm starting the Thief 2 Water Contest today! You have the whole summer until the deadline, a large working space, and generous rules! See the Water Contest page for all the details!

March 27, 2006

  • Added ALL the missions titles to the new screenshot pages (whew!) and fixed many mis-sized thumbnails
  • Updated Komag DVDs (I'll be mailing out any recent requests now, sorry for the delay!)

March 9, 2006 - New Screenshot Format

  • I've updated the screenshot format to be much better behaving and looking.

    The new screenshot pages will show any size up to 800 pixels wide, or if it's larger (such as 1280x1024) it will show a reduced image and give you the option to click to see the original large size pic. This is similar to how popular internet image hosting sites operate, and is a good comprimise.

    I also shrunk the thumbnail size on the left and removed all the other junk taking up space, so the new format is clean and clear and very functional.

February 7, 2006 - Updated Komag DVDs

  • I've reorganized the Komag DVDs. After adding a few recent missions, Komag DVD 1 has gotten too big!
  • Now Komag DVD 1 will just be for Thief 2 FMs, and Thief 1G FMs have been moved to Komag DVD 2 (I removed the game movies folder)

January 7, 2006

  • New T2 Mission: Under Templehill, by The Pixie

Shimmering Light!

December 30, 2005

  • New T2 Mission: A Night in Rocksbourg 1 - A New Beginning, by DrK
  • New T2 Mission: A Night in Rocksbourg 2 - Discovery, by DrK

December 17, 2005

  • New T2 Mission: The Den, by Ga�tane (L'Arsene series mission 4)
  • New T1 Mission: The Dark Temple, by BG Taffer

  • Updated Right Up There in the Mountains, fixed a lag problem

November 21, 2005 -! Vote!

  • Visit my new website, a sister-site to the Keep, focused on Thief 3 and the upcoming Dark Mod.
  • I've transferred everything relating to Thief 3 over to Shadowdark, including Contests 6 and 7, T3Ed, and KomagTutT3. Be sure to update any direct links out there.
  • I've integrated the news at Shadowdark to include all past news items that related to Thief 3
  • The name of the new site is an amalgamation of "Deadly Shadows" and "The Dark Mod", the games it covers. This is the same way the Keep was named, a combination of "Thief Gold" and "The Metal Age".

  • You only have four (4!) days left to vote on the Contest 6 Missions! We're up to 28 votes at this point, and I KNOW there are at least a dozen of you out there that have played the contest missions but didn't vote yet! Please do the right thing, sacrifice a few brief minutes, and excercise your democratic right to vote!

November 13, 2005 - Tutorial Update

  • KomagTutT3 updated to pre15 (95%)
  • All versions of the tutorial, including the Online Version, now have links from the brief outline at the beginning and the full outline at the end to all the sections in the tutorial, for nice quick navigation.

November 10, 2005 - Please VOTE!

  • Updated FM Archive with a few new Thief 2 Missions
  • Be sure to remember to vote on the Contest 6 Missions! You have two weeks left! I only have 19 votes at this point, far under the 50+ for the last contest. Please take a few minutes and vote!

November 9, 2005 - Tutorial Update

  • KomagTutT3 updated to pre14 (93%)
  • The tutorial is nearly finished now. I have to finish a few sections, format the end sections, and add all the remaining screenshots and summaries.
  • Also updated is the Online Version of the tutorial. It's exactly the same, so you won't miss anything if you can't do the download.

November 2, 2005 - Tutorial Update!

  • KomagTutT3 updated to pre13 (90%)

  • There are now screenshots sprinkled throughout about half of the text to help you see what I'm talking about! More to come later.
  • I've also started adding a brief summary at the beginning of each small section, to give you a super quick preview of what you'll be doing. The summaries could also be used as reminders after you've already worked through the tuturial once, or for advanced users who don't need the step by step help.
  • The tutorial is in both Microsoft Word 2003 doc format and Adobe PDF format, both included in the download.

  • I'm also testing out an Online Version of the tutorial. Let me know if there are any problems, thanks!

October 30, 2005 - CONTEST 7!!!

  • I'm starting Contest 7 today! You have about four months until the deadline, much larger working space, and easier rules! See the Contest 7 page for all the details!
  • Contest 6 is not over yet, be sure to play the missions and vote!

October 28, 2005

  • Added 59 FMs to the FM Archive! I'm almost all caught up now.
  • Awarded and shipped out a new copy of Thief Gold to Gregorius in Poland, as a bonus prize for his Contest 5 FM "Fate of the Art"!   Better late than never :-)

October 27, 2005

  • I've added all the Thief 3 missions released thus far to the FM Archive, for your direct downloading pleasure!
  • Updated the Downloads page to include GarrettLoader
  • Tweaked a few other things around the site, did some "housekeeping"

October 25, 2005 - CONTEST 6 PUBLIC RELEASE!!!

  • Contest 6 Missions are out! See the Contest 6 page for all the details!
  • Download and print out the helpful Contest 6 Pre-Voting Form. You can use this form to help you keep track of your ratings and thoughts as you play the missions.
  • Download and install the latest GarrettLoader program to play missions with.
  • Play all the missions!
  • When you're ready, go to the Voting Page to rate the Contest 6 Missions!   (Rating them in GarrettLoader won't contribute to the contest results.)

  • And the missions are...(drum roll...)...

  • Creature Clash Thief 3
  • The Crypt
  • Defender of the Crown
  • Forgotten Stash
  • Skulduggery
  • Starting From Scratch

    Email me if there are any problems. HAVE FUN!!!

October 9, 2005

  • Contest 6 Beta's are due! But I'm not going to be strict with this deadline, so if you are trying to pull things togeter and make it GarrettLoader ready and having troubles and it takes a few days, no problem.

  • When it's ready, you can upload files to me via FTP with the following settings:
    Address: (removed)
    Login: (removed)
    password: (removed)

  • You can upload files to the "incoming" folder, but you won't see anything there, including the file you just uploaded, so just trust it's there or check with me to make sure I got it.

  • If you are having FTP problems you can also try uploading to Jason Tibbits ( and I'll get it from him. Or you can always host the file on your own webspace or on one of the free file hosting services out there.

  • Keep working on your missions even after getting your beta's ready, you still have another week till the deadline! Please email me if you have any concerns at all about finishing on time, I'll try to work with you and help everyone so we can have a great contest public release in two weeks!

September 27, 2005

  • Contest 6 delayed two weeks! See the Contest 6 page for details. Betas now due Oct 9, finals due Oct 16, then public release will be Oct 23.

  • If you have ANYTHING in the works, please work hard and at least make it playable! At this point we're not looking for awesome perfect missions, just something to play and have a little fun with. There is even time to make a very simple mission start to finish, which would be very welcome. So decide now, be convinced, and DO IT!!!

  • GarrettLoader has been updated to v1.12 recently to help make playing missions easier as well, so be sure to make use of that. See the Thief forums for more details on GarrettLoader, especiall THIS thread

July 25, 2005 - CONTEST 6 BEGINS!!!

  • Contest 6 has begun! See the Contest 6 page for all the juicy details and rules, size limit, prizes, etc.
  • I strongly encourage anyone and everyone to join in the contest! Please support the long and hard fought release of the Thief 3 editing tools by diving in and using them for a contest submission! This will really boost the T3Ed community and ensure a strong future for Thief in general.

  • I'm back home in Boston from being in Seattle at a long family reunion, so I can now resume work on finishing up the tutorial soon.

July 7, 2005 - Tutorial Update, C6 July 25!

  • KomagTutT3 updated to pre12 (85%)

  • Due to the tutorial entering the final phases, I am cementing the official Contest 6 start date as July 25th, no delays!

    At that time I'll announce the precise map size limits and other rules, but you can start gearing up, work through the tutorial, plan your story, map mechanics, etc. The map size will be small, but not tiny, if that helps.

  • So, in other words, you may officially begin! At east you can do the early starting stuff! Go to it!!! See the Contest 6 page for more details.

June 28, 2005 - Large Tutorial Update

  • KomagTutT3 updated to pre11 (75%)

    It's in the home stretch now, I can feel it!

June 21, 2005 - Tutorial Update

  • KomagTutT3 updated to pre10 (65%)

    From now on the .doc file is being make using Word 2003, so the formatting (especially numbering/lettering) should be more reliable. Let me know if things look funky or messed up, thanks.

June 10, 2005 - Tutorial Update

  • KomagTutT3 updated to pre09 (60%)

    This update also includes a major formatting overhaul, breaking instructions down better and making things much easier to follow. Hope you like it!

June 8, 2005 - Tutorial Update

  • KomagTutT3 updated to pre08 (55%)

June 4, 2005 - Tutorial Update

  • KomagTutT3 updated to pre07 (45%)

    Be aware that I'm not just adding to the end of the tutorial each time, but I often will rework earlier sections or include bits and peices here and there, sometimes rearranging whole sections for better flow or other reasons.

June 3, 2005 - Tutorial Update

  • KomagTutT3 updated to pre06 (40%)

June 2, 2005 - Tutorial Update, C6 Soon!

  • Get your updated KomagTutT3 now! I feel I'm about 1/3 done (33%). I wasn't able to work on it for a long time due to real life stuff, but I'm "in the zone" now and hope to finish it within a couple weeks.
  • Contest 6 will begin soon after the tutorial is finished, probaby starting in early July. Exciting times!

May 16, 2005 - T2X!

  • The Awesome and Huge (656meg!) "T2X: Shadows of the Metal Age" Thief 2 Mod has been released yesterday! Read a great review (no spoilers!) HERE.

    This unofficial expansion pack is AWESOME! it's 13 Full missions, basically a whole complete game! It's what Thief 3 should have been!

    I am offering my services for you to get a copy on a single CD-Rom. You can either send me a blank CD and return packaging/postage (see Komag DVDs page for address and general instructions), or you can donate just $3.50 via Paypal below.

    I'll send these anywhere in the world! In the US it will take probably only a couple or a few days to get it, international may take a week or two.

  • Contest 6 (TDS) is postponed until further notice - I will be working on and finishing my T3ed tutorial first, then the contest will resume with a new start date. Sorry about the delay!

February 26, 2005

  • I have started work on a new tutorial KomagTutT3.

    It is a work in progress, currently only going through setting up the editor with a dual-installation. Check back often to get the latest version - you can see the version number in the Tutorials section to the left here on the front page.

  • I have added a NoCD file for Thief: Deadly Shadows on the Downloads page. If you use this to play a pirated copy of Thief 3 I WILL hunt you down and steal everything you own!

February 23, 2005 - TDS Editor!!! Contest 6!

  • Huge News! The editing tools for Thief: Deadly Shadows have been released!!! Download from FilePlanet, or FileFront, or via BitTorrent, or from The Keep

  • Komag DVD 2 now includes the TDS Editor. Learn how to get Komag DVDs HERE.

  • In conjuction with the big news, I'm announcing Contest 6! After 3 months of learning the new editor, Contest 6 will start on May 25th and continue for 2 months until July 25th when the entries will be due. I will announce the exact rules and size limiations and such on May 25th (to avoid any unfair head starts).

  • Today is a good day for Thief fans! I'm personally very excited, as this will breath some great new life into the community and the game. Huzzah!

January 3, 2005 - Expanded Komag DVDs

  • There are now 3 Komag DVDs! That's over 12 Gigs of Fan Missions, Thief Extras, and other Goodies!

    I've also lowered the donation amounts to qualify for the DVDs as free gifts!

    See the Komag DVDs and Donate pages for details.

January 1, 2005 - Happy New Year!!!

  • I'm still here after more than 4 years now. The Keep started as my little Thief page back in the fall of 2000. Hopefully it will be around until 2010 and beyond!

  • 2004 brought us a lot of great new Fan Missions including those for Contest 5, as well as Thief: Deadly Shadows - a great game with some flaws here and there. We're all keeping our fingers crossed for the release of the new editing tools, but it's not guaranteed.

Shimmering Light!

December 19, 2004 - 23 New Missions!

  • New T2 Mission - Borrington's Castle, by Bronze Griffin
  • New T2 Mission - Konkurrenten, by Rostvogel
  • New T2 Mission - Old Bad Fellows, by Yohny C. Lia
  • New T2 Mission - Bafford's Last Stand, by John Denison
  • New T2 Mission - A Night Visit to the Natural History Museum, by Louve
  • New T2 Mission - Goblins, by Ga�tane
  • New T2 Mission - The Trickster's Castle, by Dark Ghost Lord
  • New T2 Mission - A Debt Repaid, by Ottoj55
  • New T2 Mission - Dead Flower, by Turi Robert
  • New T2 Mission - Damsel in Distress, by Dyald
  • New T2 Mission - Moth to a Flame, by madwolf
  • New T2 Mission - Ack! There's a Zombie in the Basement, by Polygon
  • New T2 Mission - Deep Trouble 2, by John D
  • New T2 Mission - Having a Ball, by madwolf
  • New T2 Mission - Bloody Ruins, by Christine Schneider
  • New T2 Mission - Heist Society, by AsyluM
  • New T2 Mission - The Shadow of Lord Rothchest, by Purah, conversion by John D.
  • New T2 Mission - Meeting, by Yohny C. Liar
  • New T2 Mission - Lady Lisa's Harbor, by BBB
  • New T2 Mission - A Servant's Revenge, by SlyFoxx
  • New T2 Mission - A Thief's Holiday 2004, by Yandros
  • New T2 Mission - The WaterWay Tunnel part 1, by Yohny C. Liar

  • New T2 Demo Mission - Gizmos, by Nameless Voice

December 7, 2004 - "Komag DVDs" Up To Date!

  • I have not abandoned The Keep!!!

  • Most importantly, the Komag DVDs (formerly "FM DVDs") are ALWAYS kept up to date, even if the website is not. I never burn a disc without checking if a new mission has come out, even that day!
  • The Komag DVDs are quite full, so with each few new missions I squeeze out less important things (odd Dromed files, lamo movies, outdated demos, etc) from them. Eventually there will be three DVDs, but sometime in the next couple years I plan to get a blue-ray disc or HD-DVD burner so I can get back to a single disc holding everything!

  • There are a lot of new missions to put up at the Keep, and I plan to do that next week while my wife is out of town for her sister's wedding.

  • In more exciting (slightly) news, I'm planning on opening up the Keep for you to have "FM Author" accounts, so that you can manage your own profile, upload screenshots, show off Upcoming projects, all on your own time instead of relying on me to get around to it. This should be good for both of us, since it will save me time and it will give you a great place to showcase your stuff without waiting!
  • I don't know when it will be operational, probably a few months away yet, but there is now an "interim" system that works like a wimpy version of the real deal. Just email me if you would like a screenshots page or to manage the one I already have for you.

September 5, 2004

  • New screenshot pages format!
  • I've added some scripts for an easier to manage screenshot format for all the missions. Now I'll be able to MUCH more easily add new screens for lots of new missions (I have a few hundred back-logged!)
  • In addition, those of you with Upcoming Missions, I can set up your screenshot page and then you can have "admin" access to keep it updated yourself! You can delete screens as they become outdated and replace them with more recent incarnations. E-mail me if you want a page for screenshots.

August 17, 2004 - 34 New Missions!

  • New T2 Mission - Gathering at the Bar, by Trimfect, Thief 2 version by Jimmy
  • New T2 Mission - Close Encounters, by P Forth
  • New T2 Mission - A Love Story, by John Denison
  • New T2 Mission - The Masque of Red Death, by raetsel
  • New T2 Mission - Mighty Joe Young, by BBB
  • New T2 Mission - Nightmares, by Five French Authors
  • New T2 Mission - Retaliation, by HipBreaker
  • New T2 Mission - By Order of an Unknown, by BlackThief
  • New T2 Mission - The Trickster's Castle, by Dark Ghost Lord
  • New T2 Mission - The Mystic Lady, by Christine
  • New T2 Mission - Borrington's Castle, by Bronze Griffin
  • New T2 Mission - Fletcher's Final Mistake, by SlyFoxx
  • New T2 Mission - TTGM 0: Training, by Belboz
  • New T2 Mission - TTGM 7,8: Chasm of the Lost 1,2, by Belboz
  • New T2 Mission - Coterie of Smokers, by Christine
  • New T2 Mission - TTGM 5,6: The Trickster Rift Gem Mine, Elsewhere, by Belboz
  • New T2 Mission - Just Friends, part 1, by bassmanret
  • New T2 Mission - Konkurrenten, by Rostvogel
  • New T2 Mission - Out for a Revenge, by Istvan Varga
  • New T2 Mission - McLeod's Revenge, by Oldweird
  • New T2 Mission - Moth to a Flame, by madwolf
  • New T2 Mission - Firefly, by Moghedian and Lobster
  • New T2 Mission - The Mystic Estate (to rob from), by GORT
  • New T2 Mission - Profane Ascension, by Tomi
  • New T2 Mission - Abysses, by Christine
  • New T2 Mission - Horns of Canzo: A Long Way Up, by Sterlino
  • New T2 Mission - Emilie Victor, by Ga�tane
  • New T2 Mission - So Long Hammers, by Ramirez's Old Fat Burrick

  • New T2 Demo Mission - The Lost City, by ANON
  • New T2 Demo Mission - Return to Cathedral, by ANON
  • New T2 Demo Mission - The Mage Towers, by ANON
  • New T2 Demo Mission - A Wonderful Reception, by Louve

  • New T1 Mission - Return to Bafford's Manor, by DarthsLair
  • New T1 Mission - Keeper of the Bell, by DarthsLair

  • New T1 Demo MIssion - Bloodflowers, by Paz

  • All of these new missions can be downloaded from the main FM Archive page

August 14, 2004 - Contest 5 FULL RESULTS!

  • All the votes/ratings for Contest 5 have been tabulated and formulated and calculated and any other ---lated you can think of, and the FULL COMPLETE results are available on the Contest 5 page for your viewing and sorting pleasure!

    Congratulations goes out to Morrgan or Vigil for Into the Maelstrom!

    I believe this was the best contest ever! Kudos to all the authors, no matter how the ratings fell!

July 22, 2004

  • Woops, I've been out of town for almost a month and then I've been busy getting back to normal life, so the Keep has gotten behind!

  • I finally uploaded all the Thief 1 FMs again to their new server and adjusted the links. They should all work again, including the Calendra's Legacy files.
  • I have updated my Prefix Removers on the Downloads page. They are for those of you who have gotten a FMDVD but don't like my alphanumeric prefixes (code for the release dates, to keep the missions in order). By removing the prefixes you can just have your missions in alphabetical order. Missions downloaded from the Keep don't have the prefixes.
  • Fixed the dates and some other minor things on the Upcoming page.
  • Final Contest 5 results and quotes should be up relatively soon
  • The FMDVDs are up to date (I always keep them up to date) with all the latest missions, even though the Keep itself is a few months behind again. Real Life is so pesky!
    Gerrard's Temple (2003-10-03)
    Mixed Messages (2003-10-31) (those two were too large to host before)

May 15, 2004 - Contest 5 Results!

  • All the votes/ratings for Contest 5 have been tabulated and formulated and calculated and any other ---lated you can think of, and some preliminary results are available on the Contest 5 page for your viewing and sorting pleasure!

    There is much more to come, so check back and hopefully by next week I'll have the quotes/comments and a bunch of fun demographics on the voting categories, Excel files to browse if you're so inclined, breakdowns of your individually processed ratings (by email), and MORE!

May 13, 2004

  • Update on Hosting - It looks like I'll be able to renew one of the servers (almost have enough for that), but not the other. If that's how it ends up, I'll do my best to spread around the files I had on it to my other hosting servers, so it should be bearable (I think).

    If you can, I sure can still use any help, to finish up the amount for the one server and maybe start saving up for the next payment for the next server (a couple months away).

    I want to THANK YOU all very much for your support - it's what keeps the Keep alive!

  • Contest 5 Votes - I'm working on the results, and I hope to have them up in a few more days (so far the numbers I'm getting are very interesting!!!)

May 7, 2004 - I Need HELP!

  • I'm in a bit of a bind here guys, as two of my server subscriptions are coming due at the same time in a couple weeks and I may have to drop one or both of them, which would mean I couldn't host all the missions anymore! I'm trying to scrape up the cash, but a few extra donations right about now would help a TON!

    So, please, if you've gotten some fun out of the contest, or if you want to see the Keep stick around for at least another year, please HELP!. Overall I need about $300 in a jiffy, whereas right now I can only spare about $100. THANKS!

  • The Contest 5 Votes are wrapping up, and this time around you've already set a new record for most votes, 57 and counting! The previous record was Contest 4 with 49 votes, and Contests 1,2, and 3 all had around 20-30 votes.

    Go ahead and send in those last minute votes/corrections, and I'll even accept them tomorrow throughout the day, until about 8:00pm Eastern US. Sometime after that I'll reveal who the authors all are, and over the next few days I'll tally the votes and get a nice result page up, announcing the big winners and all that jazz. Exciting!

April 22, 2004 - Contest 5 Voting! Exclusive Discount!

  • Okay, the Contest 5 Voting page is up! Head on over and VOTE!
  • If you still haven't played the Contest 5 missions, grab them below, then VOTE!
  • You have until May 7 to get all your voting done, about two weeks time.

  • JUST FOR YOU GUYS my wife has set up a code for a nice discount at Dragon! Use this code to get 20% off your total purchase of $15 or more! Also, instead of just one use, she's allowing you to use it as many times as you want! (I convinced her, hehe)

    Code - 5D8RM43D

March 17, 2004 - Thief: Deadly Shadows Petition!

  • Thief: Deadly Shadows (FKA Thief 3) is due for release in a couple months, and word from company employees is that if we fans make a good enough showing, they will reconsider releasing a fan mission editor for the game! You know what that means?


    I'm serious folks, this is exactly what influenced LGS to initially release Dromed back in 1999 - a strong public showing via petition.

    So please, take about 2 to 4 minutes and SIGN THE PETITION!!! This is a serious petition that WILL get real results - so far we already have around 500 signatures. If we can get over 1000 signatures in the next couple months our chances of seeing an editor for TDS become very good!

    Links (removed): Petition Campaign Headquarters, The Petition itself

March 7, 2004 - CONTEST 5 with 19 Missions!!!

  • Holy Schmack, Contest 5 is here!!!

  • Contest 5 Scripts - (UPDATED MARCH 8th 8:30PM EST - If you downloaded this earlier today, get it again and unzip/copy over the previous files, thanks)

    First things first, you should download and install the latest custom scripts (both Gaylesaver's and Telliamed's) as these missions use them A LOT! You can get the normal scripting packages on the Downloads page, but for extra simplicity I have combined the most essential files into one quick download. Just unzip this and place all three files directly into your main Thief 2 directory (let them overwrite any previous ones, that's okay)

  • Contest 5 Pre-Voting Form - Next, download the Pre-Voting form. This time around voting is FAR more accurate and thus a bit more complex, so use this form to make it easy on yourself! For best results, print page 1, then flip the paper and print page 2. You can also edit the file directly on your computer if you wish.
    NOTE - You will NOT be submitting this when you actually vote! This is just to help you keep track yourself.

  • I will have detailed voting instructions and the actual online voting form up within a day or two. For now just use the form to keep track of things. You will have until the end of April to play through all the missions and carefully vote, so there's no hurry.


    (NOTE - Please don't use an accelerator to download these. If you use a resume program, just turn off the accelerator function, thanks.)

    You all are in for a TREAT! These are some pretty amazing missions, I think the best Contest EVER!

    The Adventures of Burrick Boy
    At The Royal Rumble
    Bafford's Bone Collection
    Fate of the Art
    The Focus
    Frozen Mines
    A Guard Called Benny
    Gussie's Dream
    The Haunting
    House of Random
    Into The Maelstrom
    Midday Escape
    Properly Paranoid
    The Relic
    The Saint
    The Summit
    Viktor Gaspar
    Working the Mines

February 19, 2004 - Contest 5 Approaches!

  • The deadline for your Contest 5 submissions is coming up (February 29th), so all those of you who are making a Contest 5 FM please email me and let me know your progress and any situation you might have.

    There are still 10 full days left until the deadline, so keep on Dromeding and it will all come together. Heck, there's even enough time to START and complete a decent contest mission if you worked hard!

February 14, 2004

  • New T2 Demo - Store in Game Demo

February 10, 2004 - 48 New Missions!!!

  • New T2 FM - Safe Haven
  • New T2 FM - Mistrz
  • New T2 FM - Lord Matt
  • New T2 FM - Skeletons in the Closet
  • New T2 FM - Shipment, The
  • New T2 FM - Diamond, The
  • New T2 FM - Murder in Featherstone
  • New T2 FM - Rowena's Curse
  • New T2 FM - Lord James' Retreat
  • New T2 FM - Gallery, The
  • New T2 FM - Worlds Collide
  • New T2 FM - Night Falcon
  • New T2 FM - Chronicle of the Metal Age: Ch 1
  • New T2 FM - Lord Fishkill's Curse
  • New T2 FM - Mad as a Hatter
  • New T2 FM - Friend Basso
  • New T2 FM - Hole, The
  • New T2 FM - Fortress by the Sea
  • New T2 FM - Easy Money
  • New T2 FM - Elevator T2
  • New T2 FM - Graduation Day
  • New T2 FM - Gerrard's Temple
  • New T2 FM - Mixed Messages
  • New T2 FM - Forgotten Forest: Pt 1
  • New T2 FM - Cop in the Shadow
  • New T2 FM - Betrayal: Voices
  • New T2 FM - Torner Island
  • New T2 FM - Garrett and the Beanstalk
  • New T2 FM - A Keeper of the Prophecies: Ep 4
  • New T2 FM - Skull of St. Yora, The
  • New T2 FM - Monestary of St. Fera
  • New T2 FM - Thief's Holiday, A
  • New T2 FM - Deep Trouble
  • New T2 FM - Circle of Strain
  • New T2 FM - Just Take a Look
  • New T2 FM - Prisoner's Revenge
  • New T2 FM - Prison of Garrett
  • New T2 FM - Undead Reckoning
  • New T2 FM - Cathedral
  • New T2 FM - Curse of the Falcon
  • New T2 FM - Retrieval of the Soul

  • New T1G FM - Short Sewer
  • New TG FM - Hellerhouse
  • New T1G FM - Returning a Favor

  • New T1G Demo - Killing Time, The
  • New T2 Demo - MISTRZ: Efekty Specjalne
  • New T2 Demo - Thieves' Guild
  • New T2 Demo - Fanatic's Arena

  • Combined the Demo FMs into the main FM Archive, with a "00" ratings links you can click to read a description
  • Combined the Reviews into the main FM Archive! Just click on a rating to read the brief review :-)
  • Combined the Authors info into the main FM Archive! You now have many fun new ways to sort!
  • You can do combo-sorts, by clicking more than one header in succession. For example, to see all the Female authors of Thief 2 missions, first click "G" (gender) then click "T" (Thief 1/G/2) and scroll down to the section of Thief 2 and F (female). However, this works correctly only in Internet Explorer, just partially with Netscape and Opera.
  • Added many sites on Links page (few details though)

  • No more Great Tree video, needed storage/bandwidth for the new missions! (now on YouTube here: The Great Tree on YouTube)

February 8, 2004

  • New T2 Demo - The Two Towers by Komag (me) with screenshots - Last one folks! Now that I've converted this old demo mission (represents my first serious foray into the world of Dromed) I can now say I am 100% "Dromed-1-Free"! Hurray!

February 4, 2004

  • New T2 FM - The Great Tree by Komag (me) with screenshots - actually this is just a conversion of my old T1G mission, with new textures and a few tweaks. Enjoy!
  • New T2 FM - The Spider Caves by Komag (me) with screenshots - again, this is just a conversion of the original T1G mission, my first FM ever from three years ago! I ported this one in only about 3 hours today.

  • Great Tree Movie - A couple months ago I made a movie of myself playing the original T1G version of The Great Tree using only one rope arrow. In commemoration of releasing the T2 version, you can watch this short "masterpiece" (beware, the file is over 150 meg!) HERE (now on YouTube here: The Great Tree on YouTube)

  • Contest 5 deadline is a month away, so keep on dromeding!

January 28, 2004 - Major Site Update

  • Major update for the Keep:
  • All new sortable tables - click on table headers to sort the column ascending, click again to resort descending.
  • No more yearly, alphabetical, or campaign FM pages - all FMs are now on the single FM Archive page, which you can sort to your liking!
  • Reorganized Authors page - try sorting by year of birth or location!
  • Removed all old crappy DIV tables, esp from Reviews page and the Contest pages - all new sortable tables work in all major browsers!
  • No more ugly navigation - new sleek nav bars at top/bottom of every page.
  • Got rid of Google ads - in 4 full months they brought in only about $9.00, worthless! I had hoped for better, but hopefully enough of you will continue to make some donations to cover the costs of hosting the Keep!

  • I will try to actually update the Keep's FMs and Author information in the coming weeks (I'm quite a few months behind!) before the Contest 5 deadline!

January 12, 2004

  • Happy New Year!

  • After a few months of monitering my bandwidth, I'm going to try making all the larger missions available at the Keep! Cross your fingers...
  • Added the 324meg Calendra's Legacy - it's divided into 18 segment which can easily be reconstructed after downloading
  • Added the 201meg Ruins of Originia - divided into 6 segments
  • Added the 114meg Gathering at the Inn
  • Added the 100meg A Keeper of the Prophecies Book 1 (parts 1-3)
  • Added the 58meg Karras' Diary, and the 24meg German briefing movies
  • Added the 81meg Shadow of Doubt

  • relocated 2002 Thief 2 FMs to new server (

  • Keep working on those Contest 5 missions!

Shimmering Light!

December 27, 2003 - Contest 4 Quotes!

  • True to my word on the Contest 5 info page, I've finally put up some quotes from the voting comments from Contest 4, nearly a year late! Check 'em out!

    I'll try to do the ones from Contest 5 in a more timely manner ;-)

December 22, 2003

  • Reorganized the main Keep page (hope you like it!)

December 3, 2003 - Dragon Wizards Update!

  • My wife has taken over and souped up the Dragon Wizards website!

    There are many new categories there and some great new items, so do a little fantasy Holiday shopping and have your items in time for Christmas!

November 26, 2003 - 2 FM DVDs!

  • I'v rearranged the FM DVD so that it is now 2 DVDs!

    DVD 1: FMs and Dromed
    DVD 2: EVERYTHING else - Thief 3, Deus Ex 2, Thievery, HL2, MORE!
    See the FM DVD Page for full details!

November 20, 2003 - Contest 5!!!

  • CONTEST 5!!! - WOW, I'm actually doing another Contest! See the Contest 5 Page for full details!
  • FM DVDs Starting again - You can mail me supplies again to my new address, shown on the FM DVD Page and the following order page.

October 23, 2003 - We're MOVING!

  • I'm moving to the Boston area over the next few weeks! No more Utah and crazy Mormons for me! (Hehe, just kidding, I'm actually LDS myself!) We're DRIVING and visiting family across the way, so I'll be out of touch for a while (though I'll try to check my email still, off and on).

    So don't mail off any FMDVD orders until around the middle of November, at which time I'll have my new address up for shipping (if you are planning to send all materials, etc).

  • The Keep will be getting a large update sometime soon after moving; thanks for your patience!

September 24, 2003

  • Ads at the Keep! - I love Google, and have been using their Google bar with my Internet Explorer for a couple months now (no more popups!), so I thought I'd try some Google ads.

    Please do NOT click on any ad unless you are seriously interested in the information, thank you.

September 7, 2003 - 237 new Screenshots!

  • 9 screens of Belboz's T2 FM Raid on Washout Central
  • 13 screens of Gingerbread Man's T2 FM Benny's Dead
  • 5 screens of Devilock's T2 FM Gheldorf's Towne House
  • 18 screens of Andrea Aleotti's T2 FM Lord Alan's Fortress
  • 11 screens of Schwaa's T2 FM The Search for Crom's Blade
  • 7 screens of Mokkis's T2 FM CoSaS 1: Gathering at the Inn
  • 15 screens of Komag's Contest 2 T2 FM Alchemic Allusions
  • 13 screens of Andrea Aleotti's T2 FM Lord Alan's Basement
  • 8 screens of Gonchong's T1G FM Hammerhead, The Docks 2
  • 10 screens of Shadowrunner's T1G FM Temple of the Forgers
  • 28 screens of frobber's T2 Campaign A Keeper of the Prophecies: Book 1
  • 6 screens of Gumdrop's T2 FM The Cistern
  • 11 screens of Jonquil's T1G FM Inheritance
  • 7 screens of Apache's T1G FM The Gauntlet
  • 6 screens of Gonchong's T1G FM The Docks
  • 6 screens of Datoyminaytah's T1G FM The Gem
  • 11 screens of Adramelech's T1G FM Unforgiven
  • 12 screens of Schwaa's T2 FM Relic: Left for Dead
  • 4 screens of Fred Chook's T1G FM Fall of a Chook
  • 21 screens of Eshaktaar's T2 FM Ominous Bequest
  • 11 screens of Garrettwannabe's T1G FM Awakening
  • 5 screens of Silent Sleep's T1G FM Friends in Shadow

September 6, 2003 - Fall Cleaning!

  • Added all my ratings and reviews of the Contest 4 missions two new "favourites" added - "The Burrick's Head Inn" and "Unfortunate Formulae"

  • Big reorganization of all screenshot directories and links
  • Cleaned up Links Page, added The Taffer's Tavern
  • Cleaned up Archives Page so the links work correctly
  • Cleaned up Upcoming Page and Cemetery Page
  • Cleaned up FMDVD Page and Donate Page
  • Fixed some series errors on Campaigns Page
  • Cleaned up Authors Page a TON, though it's still somewhat outdated and I need to work on it more.

September 5, 2003

  • New Review - "Ominous Bequest" gets another 11! Unbelievable! See the Reviews Page for more details

September 1, 2003 - Happy Labor Day!

  • New Review - "A Keeper of the Prophecies" gets an 11! See the Reviews Page for more details
  • I'm quite behind in updating the Keep, and it's probably going to stay that way for a little while yet. Eventually, however, I'll get all caught up, so don't lose hope!

July 24, 2003 - Expanded Reviews

  • I've reviewed a few more missions and have decided to enlarge most of my "brief" reviews to be longer and more explanatory. Someday I'll fix the reviews page so it works for more than just Internet Explorer.
  • The FMCDs have been retired now for a few weeks. Over the course of about 2 years I burned approxmately 600 discs! (mostly later when it was 4 and 5 disc sets) About 300 people ordered them (averaging 2 discs each).
  • The FMDVDs are still continuing for the time being. In the past year since I got the DVD burner I've burned about 100 DVDs for about 90 people.

June 21, 2003 - NO MORE FMCDs SOON!!!

  • IN 2 WEEKS THERE WILL NO MORE FMCDs!!! - You can mail me $25 to order a set of all 5 FMCDs before the final deadline, Sunday July 6.

    I've decided the FMCDs are too much of a bother since there are 5 of them, with the need soon to go to 6, which is ridiculous.

    So for the next two weeks, if you want to nab one last set of FMCDs before they're gone forever, the old methods of sending me all the materials and postage will still work, and with the donation method you can just click below to donate $25 and I'll take care of everything and send you out a full set of all 5 FMCDs.

    See the FM DVD Page for more details.

  • LEGAL CONCERNS - I've received notice that some FM authors have "legal" concerns, but consider File Planet. You can order files from them on a CD for $10. That's part of their business to make real profits, selling CDs for $10 which contain illegal-to-sell files. They don't even offer the option of sending them all the materials to truly get the files for free. But they DO offer the files free for download (if you wait in line FOREVER), which is why they're legally safe.

    Since there is a clear way to get the files for free, it's obvious the $10 fee for the CD is not to pay for the files, but to pay for the service of having a CD burned and delivered to you. They could charge you $40 per CD and they'd still be legally untouchable.

    I, like File Planet, offer the files free for download, BUT I ALSO give you the option of sending me all the materials and I'll do it out of my own time for FREE, AND ALSO if you still want to just "buy" one you can donate and I only use the money for the website, NOT to make a flat out business profit like File Planet.

    And do you see File Planet getting sued left and right? Do you see FM authors having their missions removed from File Planet because they are being SOLD for PROFIT, even missions with the disclaimer "may not be contained in any map pack"? No, because their legal position is undeniable, clear cut and 100% safe, and MY LEGAL POSITION IS EVEN BETTER THAN THEIRS!!!

    (/Komag Rant)

June 12, 2003 - Check Out Dragon Wizards!

  • Rearranged the menu items a little, and added a link to Dragon Wizards, my new website! I am selling various dragon and wizard statues/figurines, the sort of thing you might find at a Renaissance Festival or something. Check it out!
  • Removed the Favourites page - I decided it was redundant, because you can see which FMs are my favourites in the archives already, the ones with the rating in white.

  • NO MORE "PASSWORD"! I ordered even more server bandwidth (still need to PAY for it, help!) so I don't need to restrict the recent files :-)

  • Added Island of Iron pt 2: Confrontation, by John D., for T2
  • Added The Burrick's Head Inn version 2, by Yandros, for T2
  • Added Jenivere De Ja Vu, by John Denison, for T2
  • Now Lord Ashton Series, by Christine, for T2, is available for download :-)

May 28, 2003

  • "Password" Test - I have reinstated all the 2003 Thief 2 FM links, but they are all WRONG!

    The correct links have a different directory name than the ones shown. For example, the link might say "" but the "missions" part needs to be renamed. To get the "password" (updated weekly) as to what to rename "missions" send an EMAIL HERE (removed).

    Then, simply right-click the link and choose "copy shortcut", then paste it into your browser's address bar and then edit "missions" to the new name, and hit Enter - VOILA!

    I know this is a bother - that's the point, and folks who don't care enough to do it won't, saving my server host from shutting me down permanently!

May 24, 2003

  • Temporary hiccup in 2003 service - The Thief 2 missions for 2003 will be offline for a couple days, temporary only :-)

May 22, 2003 - Massive Hosting Update! Need Donations Urgently!

  • Added automatic Prefix Removers! Now you can quickly and easily get rid of all the alphanumeric prefixes on the FM files you got on your FMCDs or FMDVD. See Downloads.

  • I am now directly hosting most missions, but I need donations! I'm working my way to getting them all online as we speak, starting with T2 FMs. Please be gentle on the downloading though, avoid download accelerators and don't download more than 3 or 4 missions in one day please.
  • I'll be implementing some sort of download limits after I have everything up and running, so check back.
  • To do all this I'm signing up for more webhosting servers and bandwidth and such, and that's not cheap, so PLEASE DONATE! Order some FMCDs/DVDs or an Update CD or something! Thanks :-)

  • Added The Gallery, by David Letersky, for T2
  • Added Freiheit f�r Nepumuk (German FM), by Dennis, for T2
  • Added Emilie Victor (French FM), by Ga�tane, for T2

May 21, 2003 - New "Update FMCD"

  • UPDATE FMCD RELEASED! NOTICE - You do not need the update CD if you are going to order a whole set of FMCDs or an FMDVD.
    Get all the recent Thief stuff on an Update FMCD to keep your collection fully up to date! Details on the FMCDDVD and Donations pages
  • Added back the final Demos so that I am currently hosting them ALL!
  • Updated Christine's campaign "Lord Ashton Series" with the 8th mission! I haven't played this series yet, but I've heard nothing but good about it! The whole campaign is on FMCD 4 now, weighing in at 39.8m!
  • Updated info on Old Comrades Old Debts to note that Ernie also authored it along with Bukary

May 20, 2003 - Massive Update! Fixed Links! FMCDs Up To Date!

  • Whoa my gosh, this is a huge update, though there is still TONS to do!!!
  • Most of the new missions I "added" are not hosted, but they are on the FMCDs
  • A few of the update items I actually finished a while ago, but mention them now

  • Fixed all bad links (which were to Jason's hosted files)
  • Fixed all Contest pages - added missions links and fixed style formats
  • Fixed style formatting on Downloads page

  • Fixed screenshots for Zaccheus' The Restored Cathedral v1.1
  • Added to Upcoming section Zaccheus' The Mechanist Cathedral

  • Added the old Demo Mission Creature Clash, by kfgecko, for T1G
  • Added the old Demo Mission Creature Clash 2, by kfgecko, for T2
  • Added Demo Creature Clash Gold, by Weyoun, for TG
  • Added Demo Mission Fragalicious, by Targa, for T2

  • Added all the Contest 4 missions to the archives, 3 of them to the Demos
  • Added Hirvakia series to Campaigns page, fixed dates there too
  • Removed individual "Keeper of the Prophecies" missions - only the 2 pack now
  • Removed individual "Lord Ashton" missions - only the 7 pack now

  • Added WoodKey Resthouse, by GOB, for TG
  • Added Iron Man, by eepcat, for T2
  • Added Ravencourt's Mansion, by T Nagy Levente, for T2
  • Added Lord Ashton Series, by Christine, for T2 (through #7 "A Winter's Night)
  • Added Burglary in Blackbrook, by mmafreak, for T2
  • Added Mr Chuz, by Azrarhn, for T1G
  • Added Island of Iron 1: Fortress of Steel, by mmafreak, for T2
  • Added The Library: The Town, by wizard, for T2
  • Added COSAS 1: Gathering at the Inn, by Mokkis, for T2
  • Added Relic - Left for Dead, by Schwaa, for T2
  • Added A Keeper's Betrayal, by The Immortal Thief, for T2
  • Added Two Fathers, by Uncadonego, for T2
  • Added The Abominable Dr. Dragon, by Chiefdreams, for T2
  • Added The Library: The Basement, by wizard, for T2
  • Added Lord Maguire Estates, by Caradavin, for T2
  • Added Lord Alan's Fortress, by Andrea Aleotti, for T2
  • Added Hell's Motel 2, by Amievil?, for TG
  • Added The Bluecoat's Training Facility, by Thief13x, for T2

  • Created foreign missions folder on FMCDs (on Disc 2)
  • Renamed some missions on FMCDs to show English/Foreign translations
  • Removed the Dromed 1G Folder from FMCDs (to discourage Dromed 1 work)

  • I still need to do a ton, including updating the Upcoming, Cemetery, and Authors pages bigtime. For example, there are some Upcoms that have now been released whose screens I need to transfer.
  • I'm also still going to put in the Contest 4 quotes eventually - I know many of you have been waiting for those.
  • Patience, friends, but thanks for the support and kind words you've shown along the way :-)

April 19, 2003 - Hammerite Imperium need your help!

  • As you may know, I'm a big fan of the upcoming Thief 2 campaign The Hammerite Imperium. Some screenshots are here.
  • The following is a "press release" written by Ibsen's Ghost of how the campaign is coming along, and they are currently still taking volunteers to be a part of this great project!

    Exciting times ahead for Thief

    Keen Thief fans will no doubt be aware that the 1st Cosas mission was released recently to great excitement. To make people aware that, once Cosas is released and played, we still have not one major fan campaign (Thief2x) but two (The Hammerite Imperium) to look forward to, I am just writing to inform the community that the latter is still looking out for major level designing talent and concept artists who have a good knowledge of the possibilities that Dromed is capable of and a desire to push them still further with ground-breaking new ideas.

    As the Hammerite Imperium will be one of the most ambitious projects yet, we are particularly on the lookout for technical innovators who can push those boundaries and make even our more outlandish ideas manifested in the game. This is why the exceptional quality of the contests has duly attracted our attention. We want to see what you can do to take Thief on to better and better standards. Our aim is nothing less than to attract the attention of Ion Storm for an officially recognised prequel.

    Besides recent progress made on the plot and mission-by-mission structure, the campaign already boasts a full new range of models from the Hammer, Precursor and Metal Orders to name but a few, a storyline drawing from not only a creation myth but thousands of years of Hammerite history, new sounds and creatures (including birds and fish) and much much more besides the impressive website produced by our leader, Alexius -

    It also deals with the origins of such characters as Constantine and Victoria, staying true to the spirit of the original Thief game and taking the whole Thief universe into a new dimension. The theme of Imperium is clearly more focused on the Hammerite religion and chronicles its downfall. The scope is therefore very wide and brings in a more expansive sort of �Lord of the Rings' setting with a nod towards the Arthurian inspiration of the original game. Its hero travels through major points in a disastrous period of history for the empire before the birth of Garrett. This project is presently written for up to a total of 10 missions with all central concepts being worked through for the main story arc, and looks set to cleverly assimilate much of Hammerite lore in a seamless fashion, whilst expanding greatly on the existing ideas. This is not to say, however, that your individual contribution will not be welcomed as we need very talented craftsmen to work within some guidelines on the mission design. These missions do permit a certain amount of individual flair mainly due to the densely populated world that is being created.

    We are hoping to make the gameplay of the Hammerite Imperium a little different as well, allowing the player to make choices and permit a bit more interactivity. This may make the player to do a bit more thinking than usual instead of simple exploration. Ideally, then, we are looking for a team of people to work on single fan missions with people specialising in architecture, special effects and the general look and feel of the mission. This is because the main character will be moving around a lot in the Thief world and each location will be quite different than the next. So come on, Thief community, let's show Ion Storm what we're made of!

    Above all, this is a project made by fans for fans and one of the most valuable qualities you can have is a passion for Thief. All those interested in the challenge should contact either Alexius at doctor_vit - at - or myself, Ibsen's Ghost (aka the voice of Skarz in Cosas), at Ibsen3 - at -

April 3, 2003 - Contest 4 Results!

  • The Contest 4 Voting Page is now the Contest 4 Results Page! I have to still fill in the quotes after I get them all organized, and I also have to caption all the screenshots (getting them processed and put together was enough at this point). Sorry for the long delays, but 28 missions is just a whole lot more than 16!
  • Congrats to the big winning mission The Burrick's Head Inn, by Yandros!

February 27, 2003 - 5 FMCDs!

  • Heavily reorganized and updated the FMCDs. I included the Contest 4 missions and CoSaS mission 1 Gathering at the Inn. I've also brought back some of the Official Looking Glass Studios Demos and all the Havok physics engine demos (shows off what whe might expect from Thief 3).
  • Now there are 5 full FMCDs! Of course, all that Thiefy goodness still fits on a single DVD, but for how long? Head over to the FMCD/DVD page for details :-)

February 22, 2003

  • The Contest 4 Voting Page is up! You have until March 15th to play all the Contest 4 missions and vote on them, around 3 weeks left.
  • Replaced navigation buttons on the left with a more compact and quick loading navigation table.

February 5, 2003

  • The contest seems to be going well at this point, after ironing out all the kinks the first week. Remember, you have until March 15th (the "ides of March"!) to play all the missions and vote on them, over 5 weeks left.
  • I will be updating the Contest 4 page soon with the voting format and form, so if you've already played them all and are itching to vote, hold on for a few more days!
  • The voting will be more standardized than in previous contests, but I'll still give you space to add in any comments you'd like to make on any missions. Then I'll liberally quote from your comments in regards to the winning missions. :-)

  • BTW, I have tried over and over to get on the Thief forums with no luck for the past two weeks! Others have said they've gotten on at times, but for me it's never! So if there are any questions or anything directed toward me over there, I can't see them.

January 30, 2003 - Contest Notice - More Missions!

  • NOTICE - there has been brought to my attention a couple of missions that I missed receiving (my email had some trouble recently and I thought I had it all fixed, but I missed a couple files), so there will shortly be a couple additions to the contest and a couple corrections to broken missions already released. I'll keep you all posted!
  • Curiosity Shop
  • Careless Little Fly
  • Thievery
  • Taffer's Shooting Gallery
  • Mylokh's Tower

  • Also, I'll allow anyone to fix something if it needs fixing for a few days if you need to. You may not finish up something you just didn't finish, but if there is a glaring omission like you forgot a sound file or some such thing, send my a note and the fix and all and I'll take care of it.
  • A Mother's Love
  • No More Clients For Monty

  • This contest wouldn't be possible without the super help and bandwidth rich Jason Tibbits (Epithumia on the forums), so if you get a change, send out an email his way to give your gratitude and great praise!!!

  • By the way, a couple of the missions require the custom Gaylesaver scripts, which you can get here. In either case, just unzip the file directly into your main Thief directory, and you're all set forever.

January 28, 2003 - 28 CONTEST 4 MISSIONS!!!

  • I don't have all the voting format stuff ready yet, but I've gone ahead and uploaded the actual missions so you can start getting them and playing them! Make note of the voting categories listed on the Contest 4 page though.
  • I didn't have time to personally try out and test all the missions, so please report any problems to me or to the Thief Fan Missions forum (there will be a couple Contest 4 threads going there).
  • Play time and voting will last about 6 weeks, until March 15th, and then I'll tally all the votes and get the results posted and the prizes sent out! Good luck!

  • Amnesia
  • The Bar
  • Basic
  • Breakout From Apocalypse Prison
  • The Burrick's Head Inn
  • Careless Little Fly
  • Cashing In
  • Curiosity Shop
  • Debt To Nate
  • Dwelling Insanity
  • Father Hirvakia's Portal part 1
  • Father Hirvakia's Portal part 2
  • Father Hirvakia's Portal part 3
  • Father Hirvakia's Portal part 4
  • A Mission With No Name
  • A Mother's Love
  • Mylokh's Tower
  • Night of the Singing Potion
  • No More Clients For Monty
  • R G B
  • Secret Weapon
  • Taffer's Shooting Gallery
  • Thief Noir
  • A Thief Nonetheless
  • Thievery
  • Too Good To Be True
  • Unfortunate Formulae
  • Volcano Island Prison Facility

January 25, 2003 - Style, Housecleaning (in progress)

  • Added a navigation set at the bottom of each page
  • Adding image size info so pageloading doesn't cause shifting
  • Adding link style functions, such as color changes and underlining. The CSS style sheet saves on loading times too. See, I'm still learning HTML bit by bit!
  • Contest 4 missions DUE! I'll take stragglers through Sunday morning though, in case you have internet trouble or something - see what a nice guy I am :-)

January 11, 2003 - Contest 4 Extended!

  • Contest 4 Deadline Extention!
  • I am extending the deadline for the Contest 4 FM submissions 10 days to January 25th, 2003 (by midnight). Sorry to those of you who were anxiously awaiting the release of a bunch of new missions, you'll just have to wait 10 more days. Many of the current authors are feeling crunched for time to finish up their missions and get them properly tested and such, so I feel these extra days will really be a benefit to everyone, even the end players because you'll get higher quality missions in the end.

    For details on end-of-contest procedures, see the Contest 4 page.

  • So, to repeat, the new Contest 4 deadline is January 25th, 2003, by midnight.

Shimmering Light!

November 14, 2002 - 13 New FMs! Contest 4!

  • Contest 4 That's right, the next FM Contest is up and running! So all you authors out there better get Dromeding with your cool little mission ideas! The deadline is January 15, 2003, so you have plenty of time. See the Contest 4 page for full details.

  • New Favourites FM - Hammerhead - The Docks 2, by Gonchong, with a rating of 8. See the Reviews page for full details.

  • NEW T1G MISSION! - The Item, by Oszk�r Winkler.
  • NEW T2 CAMPAIGN! - A Keeper of the Prophecies Book 1, by frobber. This pack includes both Hallucinations and Insurrection.
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - Tymoteusz, by Timon (Polish FM).
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - The Cistern, by Gumdrop.
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - A Brawl in the Tombs, by mmafreak.
  • NEW T2 CAMPAIGN! - Ruins of Originia, by Ycatx.
  • NEW T1G MISSION! - The Restored Cathedral, by Zaccheus.
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - Garrett's Nightmare, by Deadwrite
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - In Search of Leon, by Christine Schneider (mission 5 in her series)

October 23, 2002 - FMCDs/DVDs Updated Further

  • I have rearranged the contents of the FREE FMCDs/DVDs extensively.

    Changes include shifting the order of FMs released on the discs and concentrating support files such as patches onto disc 3.

    See the FMCD/DVD page and the Donation page for full details.

  • There have been a few new missions and other things lately that I haven't got updated yet (though the FMCDs/DVDs are fully updated), so I'll try to get the Keep more fully updated ASAP :-)

  • Contest 4 is in the making as I type! For now, it's shaping up to be similar to Contest 2 in size restrictions, with a deadline sometime around the first week of January 2003 (plenty of time to make something from scratch for the contest, even if you start late like in December!). Details forthcoming... (don't start yet!)

October 7, 2002 - FMCD/DVD Distribution Update

  • NEW T2 MISSION! - Something Up There, by Erik Willems.
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - A Lesson Learned, by Balrog.
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - A Keeper of the Prophecies: The Insurrection, by frobber.

  • I have fully reorganized the distribution of the FREE FMCDs/DVD. I have removed the option to simply pay me directly to order them. You can still cover all the various costs yourself and mail all materials to me and I'll make you free copies of whichever discs you like. I have also updated the donations page with some free gift offers as well. See the FMCD/DVD page and the Donation page for full details.

September 17, 2002 - VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!

  • There is a possible "Looking Glass Studios" book in the works, but they need a strong VOTE showing to go forward with it.

    Now, LGS is the company that brought us Thief 1 and 2, System Shock 1 and 2, Ultima Underworld, etc. Their untimely demise was one of the saddest unfortunate travesties that ever occured in gaming history, and their story deserves to be told and forever preserved. Please go and VOTE!!!

Sept 14, 2002 - 16 Missions! UT 2003 Demo!

  • NEW T2 MISSION! - Last Stand, by Dark_sneaker.
  • NEW TG CAMPAIGN! - Shadow of Doubt, by Sperry. This is a big 6 mission campaign!
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - The Taffer's Tower, by Telliamed.
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - Makiko ver.0833731, by JIS.
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - The Hashishans, by Ben Hur.
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - Garrett to the Rescue 2, by Apache.
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - Karras' Diary: Prophecies of Gold, by Thorin Oakenshield. While the mission already comes with the movies, you can also get the movies separately with German subtitles if you like. This mission has had over 1000 downloads already!
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - Best Defense, by eepcat.
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - L'Arsene, by Ga�tane.
  • NEW T1G MISSION! (Demo) - First Person Shooter, by Nameless Voice. This one is pretty cool!
  • NEW T2 MISSION! (Demo) - Throne Room, by T. Nagy Levente.

  • Updated Mission! - Resurgence: The Ancient Crown, by Ymochel. He has fixed many bugs and updated this mission a lot. If you haven't played it yet, now's the time! It's in the archives, but here's a quick link.

  • Determined that "Hammerite's Brutality" was indeed created recently, June 29, 2002 to be exact, and updated archives to reflect this correction.
  • Updated "Blackstone Crypt", Hit Deity's Contest 1 mission from last year. This fixes the objective problems and some other things.
  • Fixed some odds and ends.

August 22, 2002 - Housekeeping

  • Got rid of all the Circle ratings, just my own remain
  • Updated ALL the links on my entire Archived News page!
  • Reorganized some Upcoms, sent a few more to the Cemetery
  • A few more odds and ends to tidy things up

  • There are a few tasks which I dunno when I'll get to, but here they are:
    - Completely update the Authors page
    - Fix the sortable tables code so it works for more than just IE
    - Add navigation buttons to all pages so you don't have to always come back here
    - Make a sub-navigation set for the Contest pages
    - Reorganize the Downloads page, and perhaps add a minor Dromed page
    - Play ALL remaining missions, rate them, and get screenshots up for them ALL!!!
    - Whatever else I forgot :-D

August 21, 2002 - 245 Upcoms!

  • 30 screens of Alexius and Team's upcoming T2 Campaign The Hammerite Imperium
  • 7 screens (5 new) of Andrea Aleotti's upcoming T2 FM Lord Alan's Fortress
  • 5 screens of The Immortal Thief's upcoming T2 FM A Keeper's Betrayal
  • 6 screens of Zaccheus' upcoming TG FM The Restored Cathedral pt 2
  • 8 screens of belboz's upcoming T2 FM TTGM 5: Trickster's Rift
  • 2 screens of Gumdrop's upcoming T2 FM A Fist Full of Silver
  • 8 screens of BlackRuin's upcoming T2 FM Treasure Hunt
  • 7 screens of Kozmala's upcoming T1G FM Dark Hammer
  • 4 screens of amievil's upcoming TG FM Hell's Motel 2
  • 5 screens of Hex's upcoming T2 FM Cutty's Return
  • 4 screens of Saturnine's upcoming T2 FM Pirates
  • 7 screens of Hit Deity's upcoming T2 FM
  • 2 screens of JIS's upcoming T2 FM F2
  • 7 screens of lytha's upcoming T2 FM
  • 4 screens of Sliptip's upcoming T2 FM
  • 5 screens of Uncadonego's upcoming T2 FM
  • 1 screen of Sharga's abandoned T1G tomb mission
  • 4 screens of Polygon's upcoming T2 FM Insincerity
  • 8 screens of BlackRuin's upcoming T2 FM Dirty Deeds
  • 2 screens of ThiefGurl's upcoming T2 FM The Red Claw
  • 10 screens of Gumdrop's upcoming T2 FM Midnight Rogue
  • 12 screens of Gaylesaver's upcoming T2 FM Painful Reunion
  • 8 screens of doaal' upcoming T1G FM Sepulchre of the Sinistral
  • 72 screens (28 new) of ycatx's upcoming T2 Campaign Ruins of Originia
  • 12 screens (10 new) of Gumdrop's upcoming T2 FM Hammer and Hawthorne
  • 12 screens (8 new) of belboz's upcoming T2 FM The Barons Tower (Tower of the Moon)

  • Added a link on the Contest 3 page to another sortable results page, courtesy of our friend Jason Tibbits (Epithumia). Thanks Jason :-D

  • BTW, alhtough this was not my "conscious" intention, my wife was checking out this update and she says the layout of the Upcoms above looks like a certain part of a woman's anatomy! You can figure it out on your own ;-)

August 15, 2002 - Contest 3 Results!

  • Contest 3 Results are in! After over 16 hours of post-contest organization and other work, the results are finally ready to be published. See the Contest 3 page for all the juicy details!
  • 78 new screens of these contest missions!

  • 6 screens of AD-Cypher's upcoming T2 FM Captured

August 10, 2002 - 100,000 HITS!

  • 100,000 HITS! The Keep is has surpassed 100,000 hits! This was accomplished over the lifespan of about 20 months or so. This is a nice milestone for me and the Keep, so I had a little contest in which the 100,000th visitor got a free FMCD! I'm also sending a free CD to the runner up, so two lucky taffers will have some Thiefy goodness coming in the mail soon.
  • Here's to another 100,000 hits :-D

August 6, 2002 - 59 New Screens!

  • NEW T2 MISSION! - Your Last Breath, by John D.
  • NEW T1G MISSION! - Ducal/Hammerite Asylum, by Sperry. This is yet another two year old mission that I only now have gotten into the archives!

  • The Thief 3 raffle has been cancelled, and refunds returned. There just wan't enough support for it, so I made a decision - sorry to those few who were excited about the raffle. But hey, Thief 3 will still come, regardless of whether we bet on it or not!

  • Here are a bunch of 1999 missions screenshots!
  • 9 screens of Goit's T1G FM Information
  • 7 screens of Gonchong's T1G FM Shunned
  • 6 screens of Fred Chooks's T1G FM Retreival
  • 4 screens of Vitus's T1G FM Prisoner's Revenge
  • 7 screens of Sneaky Shadow's T1G FM The Trickster's Return
  • 3 screens of Fafhrd's T1G FM N'lahotep's Tomb
  • 10 screens of Garotte's T1G FM The Treasury
  • 7 screens of kfgeckos's T1G FM The Library
  • 6 screens of Wrichards' T1G FM Oblivion

  • I haven't put up a bunch of Upcoms in almost 4 months! I have a bunch and I'll try to get them up within a few days :-)

August 5, 2002 - Vote Before August 12!

  • If you haven't already, hurry up and download and play all the Contest 3 missions so that you can VOTE on them! The voting deadline is August 12, so you only have one week left! See the Contest 3 page to get the missions and for voting details.
  • Everything's back online and going good :-)

  • NEW T2 MISSION! - Hammerite's Brutality, by T. Nagy Levente (his third mission, the other two?). Somehow this mission has just surfaced, though it was actually made over two years ago! Go figure, at least we have it now :-)
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - Lord Alan's Basement by Andrea Aleotti. This is a revision of the original T1G version released last December 2001. Andrea says to just toss the old one - this T2 updated version is the final good version.
  • NEW TG CAMPAIGN! - Shadow of Doubt, by Sperry. You can find the individual missions HERE, and I'll get a proper link up here in the Keep archives when the one "big" package arrives complete with briefings and such.

July 18, 2002

  • Wow, you guys do it every time! You've eaten through many gigs of bandwidth downloading those contest missions! I've zipped them all up into one big ZIP file and put it on another server I have an account with, so you'll have to get them that way for a little bit :-) Get them HERE or from Jason HERE

July 14, 2002

  • 4 screens of Judith's upcoming T2 FM
  • 16 screens (2 new) of Bukary's upcoming Polish Project
  • 8 screens of Sharga's upcoming Blue Moon

  • Added in Friends section a new link to a highly recommended (by bukary) Polish Thief site - if you speak Polish, check out Thiefage

  • NEW T1G MISSION! - Secret Way, by Hengist.
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - Curiosity, by Demonreaver. This is his first mission, so check it out :-)

July 12, 2002 - 16 Contest 3 Missions!!!

  • The Contest 3 FMs are in! Just like in Contest 2, there are 16 of them, but these ones are much smaller. Download them all, head on over to the Contest 3 page, read the voting rules, play the missions, and VOTE!

    Just for interest, here is a list of Authors, in no particular order, who submitted missions:
    -William the Taffer

  • NEW T2 MISSION! - Quick Cash, by mmafreak. This is a small mission, but not part of the contest. Check it out :-)

July 11, 2002 - FOUR FMCDs!

  • I've rearranged the FMCDs again and updated them with the contest missions, Thievery UT, and some other things. They now span FOUR discs! Although it all still fits nicely on a single DVD, making the DVD option all the more economical. I've also made the ordering chart more simplified as well. Check out the FMCD/DVD page for details.

  • THIEVERY UT!!! As mentioned, you can now get the Unreal Tournament full mod Thievery on FMCD #2 or the FMDVD. At over 120meg it's a hefty download, so the CD might be the way to go for you.

    If you have the full game of UT, then this mod recreates a Thiefy environment with many custom missions and full multiplayer capability - be a Thief or a Guard and taff away!

  • Contest missions...mmm...soon... (maybe later tonight, we'll see)

July 10, 2002

  • NEW T2 MISSION! - Revenge, by Christine Schneider. This is the fourth FM in her series, which can be found all together on the Campaigns page.

  • The contest missions are in and I'll have them all up and ready for playing and judging within a day or two :-D

July 1, 2002 - Deadline Extended to July 10

  • Due to some recent plans by my wifes family (grrrr)(just kidding, honestly), I will be going out of town for a little bit until July 10th, so the Contest missions won't be actually due until then.

    That's right, the deadline of July 4 has been extended to July 10, which should help some of you get some final things up and running and polished anyway. Everything else is the same though, but here is the link to the contest page anyway: Contest 3 Info Page

June 24, 2002 - Contest 3 FMs Due In Two Weeks!

  • NEW T2 MISSION! - The Hashishans, by Ben Hur
  • NEW T1G MISSION! - Brainchild, by Sperry
  • NEW T1G MISSION! - Awaken!, by Sperry
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - Sisterhood of Azura Pt 1: Estheridge, by Ben Hur

  • NEW T2 MISSION! (Demo) - L'anniversaire de Yan, by Lady Jo with help of еK�Z
  • NEW T2 MISSION! (Demo) - L'anniversaire de Joelle, by Lady Jo with help of еK�Z
    These two demos were actually made a year back in June and July of 2001 and can be found with all the other Darkloader-ready demos on my, you guessed it, Demos page.
  • NEW T2 MISSION! (Demo) - Mistrz, by Ernie
  • NEW T2 MISSION! (Demo) - Run thief...RUN!, by Gumdrop
    It's a race - go your fastest, record your time, and report on the forums!

  • Updated "The Ties That Bind" by Hit Deity - fixed a few odd things and a bug with some loot setting off the objectives, otherwise it's the same :-)

  • Thievery UT is coming out June 28 - This Friday! That means if you own Unreal Tournament you will be able to play Thief Multiplayer - be a guard or a thief and go at it! Details HERE

  • Now there's only TWO WEEKS left to make and enter your little contest missions! If you work fast you could make an entry even now, so head over to the Contest 3 Info Page and find out the details!

June 4, 2002

  • NEW T2 MISSION! - A Keeper of the Prophesies: Part 1 - Hallucinations, by frobber
  • This mission is AMAZING! It has a super cool CamVator introduction, a la The Seventh Crystal, though this time it is longer and shows far more differing locations. The mission itself is full of way cool sequences and gameplay, and though I've only just begun playing it myself I can already recommend it to everyone - enjoy!

  • Remember, you now have exactly ONE MONTH to make and enter your little contest missions! That's actually plenty of time to start one if you haven't already, so head over to the Contest 3 Info Page and find out the details!

June 2, 2002

  • Updated Reviews page with fixed release dates
  • Added Shunned to Favourites Page rating it a 9 - This gem of a mission is GREAT! I loved every second of it - it's tight and well made, and I highly recommend it!
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - A Visit to Lord Ashton's, by Christine Schneider
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - A Night's Stroll, by Christine Schneider
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - Escape!, by Christine Schneider
  • The first two were previously released but only in German - they now are bilingual :-)

May 24, 2002 - Spring Cleaning! Thief 3 Raffle! 27 Missions!

  • Thief 3 Raffle! Yes, that's right, there's a raffle to guess the release date of Thief 3 to the closest week! Click below for all the details and instructions :-)

    Raffle Details Here

  • I went through and fixed ALL FM release dates to more accurately reflect when the missions were actually released, not just when they became available at other websites in the past. I did this by looking at a combination of the mission txt files the dates associated with the actual mission files themselves. In some cases I have assigned a date as close as I could to what I think was an accurate day of "release".

  • I've taken most of the missions that had separate briefings and put the briefing files into the files, altering the missflag.str files accordingly. These updated FMs with the briefings in them are now on the FMCDs/DVD and available for downloading. I will no longer list separate "no briefing" versions of FMs. These missions include:
    - Gathering at the Bar
    - The Gem
    - Unforgiven
    - Friends in Shadow
    - Ranstall Keep
    - The Final Crusade 1 Gold
    - Mansion of Chaos:MOC2

  • I've filled out the archive and have links to ALL missions now! That's right, for all you who were dying to get your hands on "The Living City" now you can! Seriously, this was a large undertaking, and I owe much thanks to Jason (Epithumia) Tibbits for his WONDERFUL hosting of many of the actual mission files :-)

  • In all my cleaning and sorting through my entire archives, I have discovered few missions that fell through the cracks one way or another. Better late than never!
  • NEW T1G MISSION! 110699 - Retreival (yes, with an "ei"), by Fred Chook
  • NEW T1G MISSION! 043100 - Virtual Asylum, by Red Rogue
  • NEW T2 MISSION! 052800 - Waterlogged, by belboz
  • NEW T2 MISSION! 061200 - Stowaway, by Finial
  • NEW T2 MISSION! 082700 - Lord Burkhard /DE, by Master
  • NEW T1G MISSION! 100200 - Treachery, by Sperry
  • NEW T1G MISSION! 040601 - Mines of Margroth - the old T1G beta, by YcatX
  • NEW T1G MISSION! 052601 - Business at Midnight, by David Moore
  • NEW T2 MISSION! 061201 - Dread, by amievil?
  • NEW T1G MISSION! 080301 - Tears of Blood (a remake Guilesatpeak), by Sperry
  • NEW T2 MISSION! 090701 - Resurgence: The Ancient Crown, by Ymochel the Drow
  • NEW T2 MISSION! 022002 - Lady Sakura's Dragon Eye - all fixed and working fine now

  • Here are a few Demo missions that I either dug up or are actually new :-)
  • NEW T1G MISSION! (Demo) - Bed1, by Bed
  • NEW T1G MISSION! (Demo) - HeroQuest, by Sperry
  • NEW T1G MISSION! (Demo) - Drunken, by Gonchong
  • NEW T1G MISSION! (Demo) - The Drop, by Darkwarrior
  • NEW T2 MISSION! (Demo) - AI Museum, by William the Taffer
  • NEW T2 MISSION! (Demo) - Welcome to Thief 3, by JIS
  • NEW T2 MISSION! (Demo) - The Baron's Provisions, by Nameless Voice
  • NEW T2 MISSION! (Demo) - New Critters 2, by Yametha

  • And finally, here are some actually new Fan Missions!
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - Mainshock, by JIS
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - Gauntlet 2, by Apache
  • NEW T1G MISSION! - Hell's Motel, by amievil?, by amievil?
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - Besuch bei Lord Ashton, by Christine Schneider
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - Gheldorf's Towne House, by Devilock
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - Chon Migoroshi, by GORUGO 13
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - Abendspaziergang, by Christine Schneider

  • With this massive update there may be a bad link here or there, so please help me out and report them. THANKS!

May 10, 2002 - Small FM Contest Part 3!

  • Small Fan Mission Contest Part 3!

    Contest Details Here

    I've decided to go back on my long ago word to never do another contest, and open the doors for one more.

    The third contest has smaller size limitations, and the rules are a bit more liberal, but otherwise it is very similar to the last contest.

    You have until July 4 to get your missions in!

May 4, 2002 - 98 Screens! FM Contest Part 3 Soon

  • 4 screens of Tern's T1G FM Payback
  • 10 screens of Koobze's T1G FM Koobze
  • 8 screens of Jimmy's T2 FM Melian's Method
  • 6 screens of Chibboleth's T1G FM The Odium
  • 6 screens of Vitus' T1G FM The Assassination
  • 8 screens of Belboz's T1G FM Garrett's Revenge
  • 3 screens of Jeremy Justus' T1G FM Dark Walker
  • 5 screens of Hit Deity's T2 FM The Ties That Bind
  • 10 screens of Goit's T1G FM Monestary of St Fera
  • 10 screens of Blutch's T1G FM The Rose of Bantry
  • 6 screen of Spitter's T2 FM The Hightowne Museum
  • 6 screens of Michael Webb's T1G FM Sword of Drakul
  • 4 screens of Gumdrop's T2 FM Hedgerows and Hammerites
  • 6 screens of Phillip McReynolds' T1G FM Skull of Lysander
  • 6 screens of Nirvana_Thief's T1G FM Saving Private Rye Anne

  • I've been in the planning stages of another small mission contest for a little while now. I know I said "never again", but this one will be even smaller, thus easier to join and complete, and not so intrustive in our Dromeding lives. Details forthcoming within a few days or so...

May 1, 2002 - Updated KomagTut For Thief 2!

  • Newly updated KomagTutvT2!
  • This is a fully updated and slightly expanded full Dromed tutorial for Thief 2. This tutorial walks you through the entire process, beginning to end, of making a Thief 2 fan mission. I've clarified some sections even more than before, coordinated it all with my recently released custom Dromed 2 menus, and constructed a new demo FM to coincide with the tutorial. Hope it helps! (See the Downloads page for more details)

  • Newest Darkloader available HERE - version 4.1 is out, fully functioning and bug free! This new Darkloader is a more informational interface, and the best thing about it is that it is mp3 compatable, so you can include custom mp3s in your FMs now to save space!

April 26, 2002

  • New Custom Dromed Menus! These Thief 2 Dromed menus are the final result of slaving for hours of manipulation and fine tweaking, so I hope you enjoy!

April 23, 2002

  • Moved the Calendra's Legacy showcase away from Upcom section and to where it belongs
  • Rated CL a 12 (out of 10!)
  • Updated the Reviews page a bit

April 14, 2002 - Huge Update! 220 Upcoms! 12 FMs! 5 Demos!

  • 12 New FMs:

  • NEW T2 MISSION! - "The Royal Garmyth" by Hidden in Shadows
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - "Shining Standards" by Spanker
  • NEW TG MISSION! - "Undeadland" by JIS
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - "Swamped" by Sharga with 4 screenshots
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - "Garrett to the Rescue" by Apache. This was originally meant to be in last years Small FM Contest, and Apache has expanded it a bit and finished it off.
  • NEW TG MISSION! - "Heart and Souls" by xarax
  • NEW T1G MISSION! - "Trial by Night" by Skarza
  • NEW TG MISSION! - "Ochiru" by MaitchinguMachikoSensei (hmm, is he Japanese??? :D )
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - "Osama Bites the Dust" by William the Taffer
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - "Making Tracks" by belboz
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - "Calendra's Legacy" by Purah. This is the FM event of the year thus far, and since the mission campaign is MASSIVE there are a few ways for you to get this one, including ordering it on CD. See the FM CD/DVD page for more details
  • NEW T1G MISSION! - "Rigging the Vote" by TaXi.

  • 5 New Demos:

  • NEW T2 MISSION! (Demo) - "Drop Coins Here" by Schwaa
  • NEW T2 MISSION! (Demo) - "New Critters" by Yametha
  • NEW T2 MISSION! (Demo) - "Bonehoard T2" by ANON
  • NEW T2 MISSION! (Demo) - "Bafford's Curse" by Schwaa
  • NEW T2 MISSION! (Demo) - "Three Mages Tomb" by Schwaa

  • 220 Upcom Screens:

  • 7 screens of JIS' upcoming TG FM
  • 2 screens of JIS' upcoming TG FM Hell
  • 1 screen of Polygon's upcoming T2 FM
  • 4 screens of Cypher's upcoming T1G FM
  • 5 screens of Ricknmel's upcoming T2 FM The Wheel
  • 8 screens (5 new) of Schwaa's upcoming T2 FM Relic
  • 2 screens of JIS's upcoming T1G FM Elevator Mission v3
  • 14 screens (12 new) of Bukary's upcoming T2 Polish project
  • 6 screens of EmperorSteele's upcoming TG FM First Night Out
  • 11 screens (6 new) of belboz's upcoming T2 FM Making Tracks
  • 5 screens of Dhin's upcoming T2 FM A Stir of Mist and Shadow
  • 2 screens of Gumdrop's upcoming T2 FM Hammer and Hawthorne
  • 15 screens of Thorin Oakenshield's upcoming T2 FM Karras' Diary
  • 3 screens of Hidden in shadows' upcoming T2 FM Halls of Illusion
  • 18 screens of Ben Hur's upcoming T2 FM The Sisterhood of Azura
  • 1 screen of Saturnine's abandoned T2 FM The Seventh Crystal part 2
  • 56 screens (16 new) of YcatX's upcoming T2 campaign Ruins of Originia
  • 10 screens (1 new) of William the Taffer's upcoming T2 FM Midnight at Angel Bridge
  • 10 screens (1 new) of William the Taffer's upcoming T2 FM Garrett and the Sinister Ybox
  • 26 screens (2 new) of Diginal Nightfall's upcoming T2 campaign Circle of Stone and Shadow
  • 14 screens (4 new) of frobber's upcoming T2 FM A Keeper of the Prophesies: Hallucinations and The Insurrection
  • And 1 screen of Komag's T2 contest FM Alchemic Allusions
  • I have a whole pile of FM screenshots to release still, but I decided to the all the Upcoms out first.

  • Updated Authors page with all new authors and new missions
  • Moved a couple Upcoms to the Cemetery
  • Updated the FM CD's/DVD as new missions have come out. I update those more often than the Keep itself; I update them right when new stuff is released, no delays.

March 29, 2002 - FM DVD!

  • FM DVD!!! Now you can get all the FMs on DVD! That's right, I got a DVD burner and this thing is NICE! :-D The blank DVD-R's are not cheap, but a single DVD can hold all the stuff on the three FMCDs and then some. See the FM CD/DVD page for more details
  • Calendra's Legacy to be release Monday, April 1st! If you like, you can pre-order a copy of FMCD 3 (which will have CL on it) for only $3 US ($6 Intl) until June. You should also be able to download it in sections from various places - details forthcoming.
  • I'll be updating the Keep more soon with quite a lot of screenshots and recent FM's as well.

March 24, 2002

  • Updated Saving Private Rye Anne so that it no longer crashes - you can look everywhere, including at the fountain now. Everything's still all out-a-whack misalighned, but at least the mission is playable now :-) (I also reviewed the mission)
  • I've been steadily playing the old missions and reviewing them. I hope to have *ALL* the missions played and briefly reviewed by September (yes, it takes a long time, as I have around 75 still to play, not to mention any more that are released in that time!).
  • Added The Rose of Bantry to my Favourites (Best) page. My favourite part of this mission is the amazing ship! Very very cool :-)

March 4, 2002 - Big Update!

  • CALENDRA'S LEGACY!!! - Yes, the 3-mission campaign is now in BETA phase, due out in early April if all goes well. Purah has given me a super secret look at the mission and I've put up a "shrine" of sorts that you can drool over for the next few weeks :-) Take a look

    By the way, if you have been selected to beta-test Calendra's Legacy and would like to get it on a CD (the beta file alone is over 150 meg!), then email me

  • NEW TG MISSION! (beta) - "Hell 2" by JIS.
  • NEW TG MISSION! - Yakuza by JIS.
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - A Night in the Pub by Hrothgar with 9 screenshots
  • Updated Space Thief to v2

  • NEW PAGE! - Added a Demos page! This lists only Darkloader ready demo missions, not the ones you have to open up in dromed. Basically, these are tiny FM's that show off some specific thing about dromeding or are test missions or otherwise don't really belong in the normal family of full-on fan missions.

    The list is surely incomplete for the time being, and I will eventually search out and find more darkloader ready demos to fill in the gaps. For now, download the ones available and have fun :-)
  • NEW PAGE! - Added a sortable Reviews page! I've decided to share with you all my brief notes for each mission I've played and scored. The scores are already there on the normal FM tables, the white numbers in the right column (the white are the KMG or Komag scores, whereas the green are the CSS or Circle of Stone and Shadow scores)

    I hope no one is offended at any of my remarks. They are brief and straightforward, and are probably not well rounded enough, so just take them with a grain of salt :-)

    Just click on the header you want to sort by, such as by FM Name or by release date, or better yet, by score (#) to see which missions rated the best so far!

  • Added a Demos navigation button
  • Added a Reviews navigation button
  • Added a Help navigation button
  • Added an Archives navigation button
  • Added a Contest navigation button

  • Changed "Release/Screens" to "Date/Pics" to help compress table size. Also removed all dashes from dates, so no longer to they read 03-03-02 but now they read 030302. The dates are always in Month/Day/Year format (sorry to you international taffers who are used to some other format)
  • Changed all the "meg"s to "m"s and removed the spaces after the numbers. For example, what used to read "2.1 meg" now reads "2.1m". Again, this helps compress the tables.

February 28, 2002

  • NEW PAGE! - Added a Campaigns page! This just relists those missions which are part of a series or a campaign by the same author. Some of them are just sequels, but others of them are actually set up to be played all in a row, just like the original game (sort of :-) )

    If you know of any other series/campaigns that I missed let me know :-)

  • NEW T1/G CAMPAIGN! - "Apache's Mission Pack" by Apache, of course! Better late than never, eh? :-)
  • Added new navigation buttons. First of all there's Campaigns, as mentioned above. ABC is now divided into ABC T2 and ABC T1G. And Upcoming is now divided into Upcoming and Cemetery (the dead upcoms).

February 27, 2002 - 27 Upcoms with 204 Upcom Screens!

  • 1 screen of Judith's upcoming T2 Mission
  • 5 screens of Spanker's upcoming T2 series
  • 6 screens of bukary's upcoming T2 Mission
  • 4 screens of Schwaa's upcoming T2 Mission Series
  • 8 screens of Sharga's upcoming T2 mission Swamped
  • 3 screena of dvrabel's abandoned T2 mission Mansion
  • 6 screens of Ghandaiah's upcoming T2 mission Genesis
  • 5 screens of amievil?'s upcoming T2 mission Hell's Motel
  • 5 screens of Chiefdream's upcoming T2 mission Dr. Dragon
  • 2 screens of Yandros's upcoming T2 mission Kalen's Tower
  • 6 screens of Blackruin's upcoming T2 mission The Slave Pits
  • 7 screens of belboz's upcoming T2 mission Tower of the Moon
  • 15 screens of DarkRaven's upcoming T2 mission series Blizzard
  • 5 screens of Thiefplayer's upcoming T2 mission The Other Side
  • 4 screens of ThiefGurl's upcoming T2 mission Prince of Darkness
  • 3 screens of Blackruin's upcoming T2 mission series Frozen Planet
  • 9 screens (4 new) of MaJiC's upcoming T2 mission Winter Harvest
  • 40 screens (18 new) of YcatX's upcoming T2 series Ruins of Originia
  • 5 screens of belboz's upcoming T2 mission TTGM4 - Making Tracks
  • 15 screens of DukeZ's upcoming T2 mission Faites Sauter La Banque
  • 5 screens of the_swiss_thief's upcoming T2 mission The Thief's Keep
  • 5 screens of Cypher's upcoming T2 mission A Stay in the Builder's Inn
  • 2 screens of Andrea Aleotti's upcoming T2 mission Lord Allen's Fortress
  • 6 screens of Yametha's upcoming T2 mission The Haunted Cathedral Restored
  • 11 screens (6 new) of Hunter By Nite's upcoming T2 mission Primal Awakening
  • 9 screens of William the Taffer's upcoming T2 mission Garrett and the Sinister YBox
  • 9 screens (1 new) of William The Taffer's upcoming T2 mission Midnight at Angel Bridge

  • Updated as much Authors information as I could humanly find! Now I have most general locations and more Years of birth :-)

February 24, 2002 - Big Update!

  • NEW TG MISSION! - "Hammer and Garrett" by JIS. It's older but I just got it online at the Keep!
  • NEW T2 MISSION! (beta) - "Cathedral of the Damned" by Dark Angel with 8 screenshots
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - "D" by JIS. I guess it's in the same series as "F" and the newer "K".
  • NEW T1/G MISSION! - "Deadly Darkness" by Tomi with 9 screenshots
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - "Hidden Agenda" by Asylum.
  • NEW TG MISSION! - "K" by JIS.
  • NEW TG MISSION! - "UFO v1" by JIS.
  • NEW TG MISSION! - "The Killing Time v2" by JIS.
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - "Father's Pride" by MaJiC.
  • NEW T1/G MISSION! - "The Restored Cathedral" by Zaccheus with 4 screenshots
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - "Chasing Sergeant Chase" by Long Finger.
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - "Just For Show" by Tumbleweed with 13 screenshots
  • NEW T2 MISSION! (beta) - "Sakura" by Vigro_182.

  • Added the new authors and updated info on Authors page
  • Changed "Age" on Authors page to the "Year" they were born (so I don't have to keep updating the ages). Check your year and let me know if it's off a year or two, or if it's not there let me know the year :-)
  • Fixed navigation button graphics
  • Added 2002 page!
  • Updated link for The Seventh Crystal to v2 (Saturnine fixed a few things and improved the mission before he retired)
  • Updated The Wickerman to v1.1
  • Updated Melian's Method to v1.1
  • Updated Trainspotting to v2
  • Completely remade the Friends page, now with title pics of the various site links!

February 4, 2002

  • Second FM Contest RESULTS!!! We laughed, we cried, we voted!
    And the veil of anonymity has been lifted!

    Click Here for all the juicy details!

  • Updated Alchemic Allusions to v1.1 - fixed a variety of problems, especially addressing the issue of getting stuck and of AI hearing you a mile away, both of which are greaty reduced now (bigger manholes/doors, lowered AI hearing, etc). So if this one frustrated you too much to play it the first time, download this updated version which is far more "user friendly" :-)

January 26, 2002

  • NEW T2 MISSION! (Demo) - Choose Your Own Object - Traps by Komag

    This is a demo mission which accompanies my new tutorial on traps, and it is darkloader ready. This mission and tutorial cover traps like relay traps, revert traps, require all traps, create traps, etc. The tutorial is very detailed and easy to follow for "beginners" and experienced dromeders alike :-).

    Download the mission to the left in the "My Demo Missions" section :-). The mission file comes with the tutorial included, but you can also get the tutorial separate if you want in my "My Tutorials" section.

  • I will be adding a few other recently released missions and some more screenshots soon.
  • The voting for the second FM contest is nearly over! Hurry up and finish playing those contest missions and e-mail in your votes by January 31. Click Here for info.

January 12, 2002

  • NEW T1/G MISSION! (Demo) - The Two Towers by Komag with 16 screenshots

    This represents my first serious attempt at dromeding a mission. I worked on it a ton about a year ago and learned a lot about what NOT to do when making a mission! It is EXTREMELY unfinished, basically just a shell in most places, but it might be interesting to see my early work if you want to. I've put in a few objectives and got everything darkloader ready today so you can run it like any other FM, but all the real work on the mission was done last January-March of 2001.

    Download the mission by clicking its link to the left in the "My Demo Missions" section :-)

January 6, 2002

  • Changed the ratings information. Now, the first number in WHITE is the rating that I've given the mission personally, and the second number in GREEN is the CoSaS review rating (averaged if there was more than one review)

    Now, the missions whose rating information is on a white background reflect which missions are my "favourites". I've chosen my favourites not by going by my own ratings, but just by my opinion of which missions I especially liked or enjoyed. There are some missions which I've rated higher than some missions in my favourites which I did NOT put in there - this is because, while I felt the mission deserved the high score I gave it, I didn't "especially" like it enough to be a favourite. Hope that makes sense enough to you :-)
  • Deleted a couple bad links in my Friends section.
  • School has started again for me, but if I behave anything like last semester I'll still "Thief" all I want and let my grades slide a bit! Fortunately for me, I made sure to take some super easy classes this time around to allow for that ;-)

January 5, 2002

  • Replaced "Best Rated Fan Missions" page with "Komag's Favourite Fan Missions"
  • Rearranged various hosted files and server locations

January 1, 2002 - Happy New Year with 268 screens!!!

  • 12 screens of Ymochel's T2 demo mission Resurgence: The Ancient Crown
  • 3 screens of WilliamtheTaffer's TG mission Five Minute Thieve's Guild
  • 7 screens of Purah's T1/G mission The Shadow of Lord Rothchest
  • 3 screens of Hit Deity's T2 mission Escape from Blackstone Crypt
  • 3 screens of PseudonyMouse's T2 mission Oswald's Patisserie
  • 4 screens of Murray Lorden's T2 mission Lord Lomat's Flute
  • 8 screens of William the Taffer's T2 demo mission Fight Pub
  • 16 screens of Donkey Kong's T2 mission Fortune and Glory
  • 8 screens of Wrichards' T1/G mission Escape: The Bear Pits
  • 3 screens of Gonchong's T2 mission The Turtle On Its Back
  • 15 screens of Shadowspawn's T1/G mission Lorgan's Web
  • 4 screens of ANON's T2 mission Sir Lector Comes to Dine
  • 34 screens of Saturnine's T2 mission The Seventh Crystal
  • 10 screens of kfgecko's T2 mission Embracing the Enemy
  • 8 screens of Jordan CS's T1/G mission Poor Lord Bafford
  • 2 screens of ANON's T2 mission The Builder's Hammer
  • 8 screens of Wrichards' T1/G mission Tower of Illusion
  • 23 screens of Sledge's T2 mission The Inverted Manse
  • 8 screens of IOnDo's T1/G mission Torben the Traitor
  • 4 screens of BlackRuin's T2 mission Paladine's Manor
  • 3 screens of ANON's 2 mission The Inventor's Tower
  • 8 screens of Blutch's T1/G mission Shadow Business
  • 11 screens of Jyre's T1/G mission Ranstall Keep (T1)
  • 8 screens of Gonchong's T2 mission Willow Island
  • 4 screens of Seb's T1/G mission Deceptive Sceptre
  • 4 screens of ANON's T2 mission Victralia's Realm
  • 6 screens of ANON's T2 mission The Wickerman
  • 5 screens of kfgecko's T2 mission Warehouse 51
  • 7 screens of Ishy's T1/G mission A Noble Death
  • 6 screens of SilentSleep T2 mission Equilibrium
  • 5 screens of ANON's T2 mission TrainSpotting
  • 4 screens of Dave Angel's T2 mission Airship
  • 2 screens of ANON's T2 mission Space Thief
  • 8 screens of ANON's T2 mission Mr. J's Ring
  • 4 screens of ANON's T2 mission The Game

  • Also hosting the Contest 2 missions directly again :-)

Shimmering Light!

December 31, 2001 - Back Online!

  • The Keep is back online! I am on a new server now which has a higher transfer limit, so hopefully I won't have to go offline anymore.
  • Got rid of "Essentials" and "Demos" pages and compiled the good stuff onto a newly tabled "Odds" page. (later changed to "Downloads")
  • Many screenshots to come...

December 20, 2001

  • Yikes! Holy Mother of the Builder! In the FIRST DAY of the release of the contest missions you guys downloaded all of them so much you nearly put me over my monthly transfer limit, almost 3 gigabytes worth!!! I never get even close to that much transfer in a week, let alone a single day!

    While I'm pleased they're so popular, I certainly can't affort big fees from my webhosting situation. So the missions are (very) temporarily unavailable, but I'm working on a solution and I'll let you know ASAP! :-)

  • Okay, all the links are back up, thanks to our thiefy savior Epithumia!

December 18, 2001 - 16 Contest Missions!!!

  • Okay taffers, everything is ready and set up for you to grab all the cool new contest missions, play them all, and cast your votes to me by e-mail! So get downloading, thieving, and voting!
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - "Inventor" by ANON
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - "Sir Lector Comes to Dine" by ANON
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - "The Game" by ANON
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - "Victralia's Realm" by ANON
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - "Space Thief" by ANON
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - "Train Spotting" by ANON
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - "Mr.J's Ring" by ANON
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - "Red Ridge" by ANON
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - "The Builder's Hammer" by ANON
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - "The Wickerman" by ANON
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - "The Hightowne Museum" by ANON
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - "Hedgerows & Hammerites" by ANON
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - "Melian's Method" by ANON
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - "Stiff Competition" by ANON
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - "The Ties That Bind" by ANON
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - "Alchemic Allusions" by ANON
  • WOW, that's a lot of missions!
  • Click Here for more info on how to Vote for your favs
    Vote by email.

  • By the way, here is a list of the Authors who submitted missions, in alphabetical order (they are all anonymous but you can try to guess who made which mission(s))

    Cookie Dough
    Hit Deity

    As you can see, there are 15 Authors and 16 missions, so somebody made TWO!

December 8, 2001

  • NEW T1/G MISSION! - "Lord Allen's Basement" by Andrea Aleotti
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - "The Art of Thievery" by Richard Cull
  • Moved the upcom "Dark Hearts Broken Justice" to the abandoned upcom section
  • 1 WEEK left till the final deadline for the Small Fan Mission Contest! Last change to add some custom skins or whatever before the deadline arrives - December 15! :-)

December 1, 2001

  • NEW T2 MISSION! - "Museum Heist" by Buglesoft
  • 2 WEEKS left till the final deadline for the Small Fan Mission Contest! So, you small FM designers get your dromeding butts in gear and program those objectives and ambient sounds in time for the big day - December 15! :-)
  • Congratulations to Burt, winner of the last One-a-day post thread :-)

November 23, 2001

  • NEW T2 MISSION! - "Crom's Blade" by Schwaa with 8 screenshots

November 21, 2001

  • Small Fan Mission Contest Info:

    I know, I know, I said the due date, December 1st, was set in stone, but I'm extending it to December 15th.


    Also, this is the going to be the last contest I host as we all need to get back to our "real" FM projects and away from the stress of trying to make a deadline!

    So work hard and work fast, you have about three more weeks to finish up those small missions for the contest and send them in to me Happy Dromediting

    BTW, if you alreadt sent a mission in, you could always work on it some more if you wanted and send it in again later - up to you of course.

    Click Here for more info.

November 10, 2001 - Massive Huge Update! 10 Missions, 127 screens!

  • NEW T2 MISSION! - "Fortune and Glory" by Donkey Kong with 6 screenshots
    Woops, somehow this mission slipped through the cracks a few months back
  • NEW T1/G MISSION! - "Lorgan's Web" by Shadowspawn with 6 screenshots
    He has updated a lot of things in this version 1.1 release
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - "Escape from Blackstone Crypt 1.1" by Hit Deity
    He fixed the problem with the objectives
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - "Sammy Pays His Dues" by Jbyrd
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - "Dyers Eve" by Metalhead
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - "The Karrassinian Threat" by Pbucko with 8 screenshots
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - "Durant 1.0" by Mazur with 5 screenshots
    This is the final release, after beta
  • NEW T1/G MISSION! - "The Burgomaster" by Hengist
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - "Lord Lomat's Flute" by Murray Lorden
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - "The Seventh Crystal" by Saturnine with 9 screenshots
    If there is any mission you should invest a few hours alone in the dark to play it's THIS one!
  • This list confirms that T1/G missions are rare now, but still come now and then :-) So, if your computer can't run a new computer!
  • Everything is fully updated on the FM CD's as well (actually they are updated all the time as I try to keep them very current).

  • Fixed 3 Living City screenshots
  • 2 screens of Thorin Oakenshield's T2 mission The Ring
  • 13 screens of Belboz's T2 missions Shoreleave/Up Sh Creek

  • 2 screens of Sleek's upcoming T2 mission
  • 6 screens of Morrgan's upcoming T2 mission
  • 8 screens of Spitter's upcoming (alive?) T2 mission
  • 5 screens of Darkwarrior's upcoming T2 mission Ulshis Island
  • 2 screens of Tim Murray's upcoming T2 mission Winter Spirits
  • 4 screens of Necrovox's upcoming T2 mission Snowy Cathedral
  • 6 screens of Ymochel the Drow's upcoming T2 mission Resurgence
  • 22 screens (11 new) of YcatX's upcoming T2 mission Ruins of Originia
  • 4 screens of Pointdexter's upcoming (alive?) T2 mission Training Mission
  • 10 screens (1 new) of frobber's upcoming T2 mission Hallucination
  • 6 screens (3 new) of Dark Arrow's upcoming T2 mission (alive?) Visiting Durant's Mansion

  • Removed the "Screen Shots" column from every table - But don't worry! Now to see screenshots of a mission just click on it's release date, and if the release date is not a yellow link then I have not put up any screens of that mission yet.
  • Removed the "File Name" column from every table - it was just taking space and doesn't really matter.
  • Removed all " marks from the tables, and most of the NA's as well
  • Reformated all the table headers
  • Fixed a lot of .gif extension problems (internal)
  • Overhauled and updated the "Authors" page - that took a few hours alone!
  • Divided the "Missions Alphabetical" page into two pages, one for T2 and the other for T1/G
    The main "ABC" link goes to the T2 page
    The link for the T1/G page is at the bottom of the T2 page, or you can Click Here

  • Holy smokes, Batman, that was a Big Update!

November 4, 2001

  • Vital late info for the construction of contest missions!
    Woops! I totally forgot to mention on key aspect of building your next small mission for the contest. It may not change anything at all for most of you, but for some it will make it a bit easier. I meant to explain this weeks ago, but better late than never, eh :-)

    Click Here for info.

November 3, 2001 - Large Update, 66 screens!

  • 13 screens of Keepress's abandoned T1/G mission Mansion
  • 4 screens of Chiefdream's upcoming T2 mission Hammer (?)
  • 10 screens of Richard Cull's upcoming T2 mission The Art Of Thieving
  • 8 screens of Dark Angel's upcoming T2 mission Cathedral of the Damned
  • 13 screens (10 new ones) of Tumbleweed's upcoming T2 mission Just for Show
  • 11 screens (8 new ones) of Badd Cogg/Schwaa's upcoming T2 mission Crom's Blade
  • 7 screens of Ghandaiah's upcoming T2 mission Dark Hearts Broken Justice - The Expedition

  • Keep working in your new small mission contest entries - you have one month left. Even if you haven't started yet, I encourage you to make a small mission (it can be pretty well done in one month) and enter it. All missions are appreciated and well worth playing. Click Here for info.

  • Edited the navigation buttons to be more compact - fits more on the first page before you have to scroll.
  • Replaced old sub-title graphics from each page with Carleton font titles.
  • Removed ads from all major pages (still ads on most screenshots pages)
  • Generally cleaned up some pages here and there; housekeeping.

October 23, 2001 - 64Cube Mission Winners Announced!

  • The votes have been tallied and the results are in! To see a chart of all the winners, Click Here
  • The contest was great fun and a success, and all the missions entered are fun and deserve to be played and loved, even if some got more votes than others :-)
  • Updated Hit Deity's "Escape from Blackstone Crypt" - he fixed the problems with the objectives and some other stuff. You can find it, along with all the other contest missions, on the 2001 page.

October 14, 2001

  • 5 screens of MaJiC's upcoming T2 mission Winter Harvest
  • Did a large update of the whole "Upcoming Missions" sections, checked links, and moved many screens to the...
  • New "Old Abandoned Never-Released Missions" section.

October 10, 2001

  • I recently lost all my e-mail files!!! Why you all need to know that is because I lost your 64cube votes, as of last Sunday, so if you voted before last Sunday, please take a minute or so and re-send me the e-mail or just revote. Thanks :-)

October 7, 2001 - Big Update! 6 New Missions!

  • NEW T2 MISSION! - "Collector's Greed" by DewFreak.
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - "Retrieval" by Hanscz.
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - "Bassett's Keep" by Thorin Oakenshield.
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - "Shoreleave/Up Sh Creek" by Belboz.
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - "Paladine's Manor" by BlackRuin.
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - "The Ring" by Thorin Oakenshield.
  • Looks like pretty much all the FM's from now on will be T2, with the rare occasional T1/G mission - that's fine with me :-)

  • Updated FMCD's extensively - many more small tutorials, a few missions, fixed some organization errors. I actually update them extremely often, almost whenever a single new mission is released.
  • Added download links to remaining 2001 missions - now they're all available to directly download.
  • Updated recent rankings from the Circle
  • Expanded "Best FMs" section and updated links - all "Best" FM's now available for direct downloading.
  • Updated "Authors" page - added recent authors and updated existing authors with new missions.
  • Added an archived "Old News" page. Click Here to read all the old updates.
  • Put up a new information page on the next small FM contest - Click Here for info.
  • Put the 64cubed missions on the 2001 FM page and the Alphabetical FM page.

September 24, 2001

  • 64 cubed mission update - Download (above) and play all the missions, then Vote! Click Here for instructions
  • At this point they are all anonymous for equal and fair unbiased voting :-) However, here is a list, in random order, of the authors who have made these missions:

    William the Taffer
    Hit Deity
    Dave Angel

September 15, 2001 - Large Update w/43 new pics!

  • 3 screens of JIS's TG mission F
  • 4 screens of Schwaa's T2 mission Jail Break
  • 3 screens of Ivar Holland's T1/G mission The Living City
  • 5 screens of Trimfect's T1/G mission Gathering at the Bar
  • 9 screens of frobber's upcoming T2 mission Hallucination
  • 5 screens of Ithel's T1/G mission Hush Hush Sweet Harlot
  • 7 screens of William the Taffer's upcoming T2 mission Midnight at Angel Bridge
  • 7 screens of Nameless Voice's upcoming T2 mission The Brotherhood of Shadows

  • Updated the Notes on the left
  • The 64cube FM contest is due today, but I'll take entries through the end of tomorrow, Sunday, the 16th.
    Next week I'll have all the missions available for download and judging. There are about 7 of them so far, mostly under a meg each, and I'm looking forward to the eventual contest outcome :-)
  • FM CD's updated with new missions. The Keep is still a bit behind as far as FM's go, but the FM CD's are up to date.

September 8, 2001

  • WHOAH, Long time no update!!! I got back from vacation on Monday, and have been busy with the first week of school
  • I have much to update, but just one thing right now:
  • Kung Fu Gecko's Embracing the Enemy is now available for direct download from the Keep :-) The links are in place, or you can Click Here to get it.

August 22, 2001

  • Updated FM CD's
  • Updated instructions how to get them FREE
    - No metered postage on return envelope, only STAMPS please (I've had some post office trouble with metered mail not being the exact date I mailed the envelope back)
    - If you are outside the US and include postage coupons, you must include enough of them! They count only for one 34 cent US stamp each, so you will need something like 8 or 12 of them to cover the return postage, not 1 or 3.

August 14, 2001

  • 13 more CoSaS screens, for a total of 26 now! See them Here
  • 8 screens of Autumn in Lampire Hills - see them Here
  • 5 more screens of Belboz's upcoming T2 mission Shore Leave - See them Here

August 11, 2001

  • Updated FM CD's, filled out the Features list for each of them so you have a better feel for what you're getting for FREE!
  • I have TONS of screenshots that I will be getting online over the next week or two, a few at a time, so check back often to see some new upcoming missions and released missions, including a few classics like Autumn in Lampfire Hills and the amazing Living City!

July 28, 2001

  • Best Missions now available for direct downloading (for the most part) :-)
  • I am now able to host these directly due to the helpful donations from some of you.
  • There are still many missions to be hosted, and any contributions you can make will still be very much appreciated! Click Here to help out :-)
  • I'm currently hosting approximately 47 out of 123 FM's (you were dying to know that, eh?)

  • Added a page of info for the 64x64x64 FM Contest - Click Here for more info.

July 25, 2001

  • Added the excellent briefing (low quality version, though) for Sharga's MOC2. This is one of the best briefings Lazarus and Lonestar have ever done, in my opinion, so get your copy now!

July 19, 2001 - MAJOR UPDATE!!!

  • Over 12 straight hours and 4 servers later, here's a HUGE update! Incidentally, I still have many new screenshots to process and put up, along with a few more missions as well! The life of Komag is all Thief and no play!

  • NEW T1/G MISSION! - "Virtual Asylum" by Red Rogue. Catching up on this one, as it was released last January.
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - "Rescue" by RicknMel. This mission is his second effort at a Super Mini Fan Mission. It's quite better than his first, but he's still learning. Have fun! :-)
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - "Alliance" by HipBreaker with screenshots.
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - "The Night I Ghosted Berkshead" by GumDrop. This is a small first-time mission.
  • NEW TG MISSION! - "Amida_b" by JIS. From Japan!
  • NEW TG MISSION! - "Mine Shock" by JIS. Another on from Japan!
  • NEW T1/G MISSION! - "Moc2 - Mansion of Chaos" by Sharga with screenshots. Over a year in the making, Moc2 is reminiscent of "The Sword". Sharga has fixed a couple of the bugs that plagued the original release, so I personally never got a crash, but there were still a few quirks such as the water never sounding like water, but the mission is good and worth playing.
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - "Eye of Ruthaford" by William the Taffer. This is an update on the old broken version.

  • FM CD Updated - New missions, including Sharga's Moc2 with the full high-quality briefing, more goodies/tutorials
  • Removed FM links on Authors Page
  • Removed all the dead i-drive links! Man, that was a MASSIVE chore! All links now should be current, so if something doesn't work let me know.
  • Thanks bigtime for all your support. The Keep is still taking donations, and from the few that have come in so far I am nearly ready to sign up for another webhost server where I can directly host more FM's for easy downloading. If you can, please help in this endeavor :-)

  • Happy Thieving!

July 7, 2001

  • Minor fixes and updates here and there
  • Place of honor for NoCokePepsi for winning the June (final) 1-a-day Post Thread is now up for the rest of the month :-)

July 4, 2001 - 78 New Screenshots! Happy Independence Day!

  • Screenshots of JIS's TG mission "Elevator"
  • Screenshots of HipBreaker's T2 mission "Silent Nightmares"
  • Screenshots of Dashjianta's T2 mission "Curse of the Carnival"
  • Screenshots of Apache's small T2 mission "Snatch and Grab"

  • Screenshots of Schwa's (BaddCog's) upcoming T2 mission "Crom's Blade"
  • 5 more screenshots of Saturnine's upcoming T2 mission "The Seventh Crystal"
  • Updated screenshots of Tomi's upcoming T1/G mission "Deadly Darkness"
  • Screenshots of !Foreing!XXX's upcoming T2 mission "Thieves Island"
  • 4 more screenshots of Belboz's upcoming T2 mission "Shore Leave"
  • Screenshots of Williesutton's upcoming T2 mission "Bad Night/River Market"
  • Screenshots of HipBreaker's upcoming T2 mission "Alliance"
  • Screenshots of Doc4's upcoming SS2 mission "Level 2 (Arboretum 2)"

  • I've got more updating to do, but all these screens should hold you over for a bit :-)

June 27, 2001 - FM CD's Update

  • New Address, Instructions; The CD's Have Grown!
  • First things first, I'm moving in a couple days, so send any new orders to the new address. I'll have access to my old address for a couple weeks, so don't worry if you already sent something there.
  • Secondly, due to some handling difficulties, I've adjusted and amended the instructions on how to get your FREE FM CD's. Please read and follow the updated instructions.
  • And best of all, the CD's have grown! I've collected some more goodies for them (including the official demos), and a few more FM's, so that together they now total over 1.1 Gigabytes! That's right, over 1,100 megabytes! The T2 CD has a bit more room for expansion, but that makes sense since most of the FM's in development right now are for T2.
  • Additionally, there is now an alternate method of getting your FM CD's. To read all about it, Click Here

June 21, 2001

  • I've been busy working on some things lately, and the Keep has gone un-updated. Additionally, if I do some updates right now, I'm afraid I might go over my monthly trasfer limit, which is drawing a bit too close for comfort due to my directly hosting many FM's for a few days last week.
  • Sooooo, I'll be doing a MAJOR update on or soon after July 1st, so hold your horses and definitely check back then :-)
  • By the way, most of the older missions (older than a few months) used to be on i-drive, which has since gone belly up, so all those links no longer lead to anything. I'll be fixing this later, but in the mean time you'll know why you can't download your old favs like "Fall of a Chook" and "The Living City".

June 14, 2001

  • The following missions are now available on my old backup Thief site at

    - Bath House
    - Bloodsport (no briefing)
    - Breakout
    - F
    - Jail Break
    - The Killing Time
    - LaFrenier-Real Criminal Boss
    - The Saint of Redmound
    - Silent Nightmares (small version)
    - Snatch and Grab
    - Squeeky's Secret
    - The Varyx Obelisk v1.4b

June 11, 2001

  • NEW T2 MISSION! - "Retrieval" by Komag. PLEASE NOTE: This is just a little very simple mission, which should only take about 5 or 10 minutes to complete! Its PRIMARY PURPOSE is to go along with the release of my tutorial "KomagTutvT2", which will come in the as well as being available separately

  • NEW DROMED 2 TUTORIAL - "KomagTutvT2" by Komag. This tutorial will take you all the way through the making of a small Thief 2 Fan Mission, from beginning to end, step by step, in quite a lot of detail.

    You can go through this tutorial having NO Dromed experience whatsoever, and when you're done you'll end up with a small mission complete with starting inventory, water, locked doors, treasures, guards, patrol routes, ambient sounds, Garrett comments, many types of objectives, books and scrolls, etc..., all completed and done and Darkloader ready! Sounds good, eh?

    If you've been putting Dromed off, waiting to get involved because it is intimidating, this tutorial is for you. If you need some pointers on any of the above categories, this tutorial is for you. And even if you have made a mission already, you might find this tutorial useful as a reference from time to time. Happy Dromediting!

June 9, 2001

  • Because of the Angelfire problem, the following FM's are now available for direct download on this server temporarily, until I find them a new home:

    - Bath House
    - Breakout
    - Elevator
    - F
    - Geller's Pride
    - Inverted Manse (no briefing)
    - Inverted Manse movies]
    - Jail Break
    - The Killing Time
    - LaFrenier-Real Criminal Boss
    - The Saint of Redmound
    - Silent Nightmares (small version)
    - A Smuggler's Request
    - Snatch and Grab
    - Squeeky's Secret
    - The Varyx Obelisk v1.4b

    All the links on the various pages, including the Authors page, should now be updated and working. Let me know if there is any problem.

  • As you may have heard, i-drive is going out of business, and as most of my FM's were being stored there, they'll all have to find a new home! This is not cool, as nothing is really free or cheap anymore on the internet, as "all the bills are coming due" and they can't afford to give away so many freebies.

    Because of this, the Keep of Metal and Gold is asking for support donations in the form of moolah, clams, cash, dollars, money, you get the point :-) 100% of proceeds will go towards webhosting so I can make all the FM's available one way or another.

    So if you would like to help keep the Keep alive with available FM downloads, please donate, either by mail or by Paypal. Click Here for more info on how to help :-)

  • Because I had to leave so many things off the one-disc FM CD, and because of recent additions, I've split the FM CD into TWO CD's! Here are a couple things to inform you about

    - If you already sent away for the one-disc FM CD, don't worry, I'll still send you one.
    - The CD's are still FREE!
    - They are divided by game: One for Thief 1/G, and one for Thief 2, with extra's for each game.
    - Some files will be on both disks, such as helpful utilities that work for both T1/G and T2.
    - Currently, the two disks together total over 850megs!!!

    For more information on how to get your FREE FM CD's, Click Here.

June 8, 2001

  • Angelfire, where I was redirecting you to find recent FM's, has apparently wiped out my account with them because they don't want anyone using their service too much! So, I'll be putting these recent missions here at the Keep temporarily, as soon as I can get everything uploaded (within a day I hope). Check back for updates soon :-).

June 6, 2001 - FM CD Released - It's FREE!!!

  • Due to many people having difficulty downloading all the Thief Fan Missions for various reasons, I have created the FM CD. The FM CD is a disc filled with Thiefy goodness, most notably the Fan Missions, and it's all for FREE!

    This is obviously a non-profit project, so I will not be making any money off of it, but I'm enthusiastic enough about Thief that I'm willing to donate the time to put together and mail the CD's. This will help more people get the great FM's who otherwise might miss out on their excellency, thus broadening the fan base for Thief. Everybody wins!

    Just so you know, I'll be periodically updating the FM CD as new missions are released, as well as adding other files here and there. Check back for updates, and order the FM CD as often as you like!

    For more information on how to get your FREE FM CD, Click Here.

June 5, 2001

  • Screenshots of Rich Cull's T2 mission "A Smuggler's Request"
  • Screenshots of Belboz's 4 day T2 mission "Breakout"

June 4, 2001 - New T1/G Mission!

  • NEW T1/G MISSION! - "The Great Tree" by Komag (me!) with screenshots. This isn't like any FM you've every played before! Here are some comments from beta testers:

    - "The mission is cool. The items are very well placed, the baddies are even better (good job!) and it's a difficult, interesting and challenging mission."

    - "Yo, the mission is #1 bad stuff. woo hoo! An original concept, cleanly put together, I can't say enough."

    - "I like the natural terrain. It is random and complex."

    - "Overall, it's a very enjoyable mission, if you overcome the initial difficulty. Good job! :)"

    - "Originality is Very high!!!"

    Of course, those are the best comments I picked out amongst all the feedback and constructive criticism I got, much of which I heeded and put into the final release :-)

    And for your downloading pleasure, "The Great Tree" will be hosted directly from the Keep, on this server, not from any other website or i-drive. Happy Thieving! :-)

June 1, 2001 - 7 New Missions!

  • I've been busy the past couple weeks working on and finishing up my next mission "The Great Tree", which I plan to finally release in a day or two. Remember the giant tree in the Maw? That aint NUTHIN'! So anyway, the Keep's gotten a bit behind, but I'll be catching up over the next week, starting today with 7 more missions! I have a few more missions to add as well, soon, as well as tons of new screenshots, so check in now and then to see what's new :-)
  • The 1-a-day Post Thread for May is finished, and it ended up that I actually won the darn thing, so, unfortunately, no one gets a special place of honor here at the Keep (myself :p ) until next month. Honorable mention go out to Hanse, who came in at a very close second :-)
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - "Bath House" by cdfbr. This mission is actually a year old! I just never got it till now, so here it is. It was one of the ill-fated Circle contest missions.
  • NEW TG MISSION! - "Elevator" by JIS. I stumbled upon a few Japanese Thief Fan Missions, and this is one of them, released originally last Christmas.
  • NEW T1/G MISSION! - "The Killing Time" by Keeper. This is another of the Japanese missions, originally released the day after Christmas.
  • NEW T1/G MISSION! - "LaFrenier-Real Criminal Boss" by OldRich. This is a small mission.
  • NEW TG MISSION! - "F" by JIS. This is another of the Japanese missions, released just a couple weeks ago in May.
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - "Jail Break" by Schwaa.
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - "A Smuggler's Request" by Richard Cull. This is his first mission.

May 19, 2001 - 2 New Missions!

  • NEW T2 MISSION! - "Squeeky's Secret" by RicknMel with screenshots. This is a very small mission (with a FREAKIN' huge rat!) good for a quick 10-15 minutes of taffing.
  • NEW T1/G MISSION! - "Geller's Pride" by Spitter with screenshots.

May 15, 2001

  • Screenshots of PointDexter43's upcoming T2 mission "Issac's Secret"
  • Another screenshot of Necrovox's upcoming T2 mission
  • Two new screenshots of Frozenman's upcoming SS2 mission "Storage"
  • Screenshots of Tumbleweed and Para?noid's upcoming T2 mission "Just for Show"
  • Three new screenshots of ycatx's upcoming T2 mission/series "Ruins of Originia"

May 8, 2001 - 5 New Missions!

  • NEW T2 MISSION! - "Snatch and Grab" by Apache. This is a short mission put together from what was a demo mission at first.
  • NEW T2 MISSION! - "Breakout" by belboz. He made this mission in just 4 days, demostrating that with a little Dromed experience and few missions under your belt, you too can pump out quality Thief material in not too much time :-)
  • NEW T1/G MISSION! - "The Saint of Redmound" by Morrgan with screenshots. A very well done FM if I do say so myself.
  • NEW T1/G MISSION! - "The Varyx Obelisk" by xarax with screenshots. This is the updated 1.4 version; the original FM was released a few months ago.
  • NEW T2 MISSION! = "Silent Nightmares" by HipBreaker. He's looking for feedback on the TTLG Thief forums. This is the "no ambient" version; there is a much larger version with a 13 meg custom ambient, but I don't have that available for downloading. You can find that version at Thief Underground if File Planet is being nice.

  • Ditched the "Unrated Missions" section - it's redundant and pointless, and one more page for me to update every time a new mission is released.
  • Rearranged this page a bit.

May 2, 2001 - Major Update!

  • The Keep's new home is back online! My monthly transfer limit reset on the 1st, not the 5th as I expected. I will NOT be offering any direct downloads of missions (except for my own of course, as that's my prerogative), because that's what chewed through all the transfer limit last month.
    - I will try to find webspace for the missions, i-drive and other space as well, but I can't make many promises in that regard.
    - I view the Keep as mainly a place to showcase FM's, both released and upcoming, and a place to get some info on their Authors as well, along with some nice links to Thief related sites.

  • New screenshot format applied to the recent screenshots. I'm no longer going to offer screenshots in multiple sizes. All screenshots will now be "medium" (800x600) unless only "small" (640x480) is available, so there will no longer be any "large" (1024x768) shots. Now you only need to click on the thumbnail image instead of the "s", "m", or "l" buttons, which will no longer exist. Maybe I'll get around to updating all the old screenshot pages someday.
  • Changed the wizard on the bottom of the page to a warrior

  • The Spider Caves, my first little cave mission, is now available for direct fast download from this server. Hope you like it, but if you think it's below par don't judge my future work by it, as it was just my first attempt to go all the way through the process of making and releasing a small mission.
  • NEW SS2 MISSION! - "Arboretum" by Doc4. Added 6 more screenshots of the mission as well.
  • Screenshots of HunterByNite's upcoming T2 mission "Primal Awakening"
  • NEW T1/G MISSION! - "The Saint of Redmound" by Morrgan with screenshots. Unfortunately, My i-drive has been having some troubles, so I don't have the actual mission file available anywhere :-(

  • The first 1-a-day Post Thread (on the TTLG forums in "General Thief") has come to a close, and in the end no one actually won, since all three of the final remaining people just barely missed posting on April 30th in an effort to be the last to post. Honorable mention goes out to Gonzo, who posted the last on April 29th.
    - A new 1-a-day Post Thread has been opened for May, and the winner will get a small place of honor here on the front page of the Keep!

  • Working on the following, expect them within a week or two:
    - Issac (T2 upcom)- screens
    - Necro (T2 upcom)- 1 more screen
    - Storage (SS2 upcom)- screens
    - Tumble (T2 upcom)- screens
    - ycatx (T2 upcom)- screens
    - Varyx Obelisk (updated)- mission and screens
    - Breakout (Belboz's 4 day T2 mission)
    - Durant (recent T2 mission)

April 23, 2001

  • I've updated the TTLG site mostly, but I still need to add a few new upcoms and a couple missions. Thanks for the support :-)

April 18, 2001

  • Because all my monthly transfer allowance is almost completely gone already (!!!), I am taking this site offline until it starts over on May 5th. From then on there will be no missions directly hosted on this server, as that only eats up bandwidth needed just for the site.
  • From now until then you can take a look at the older site, which I may or may not update, located at

  • Sorry for this inconvenience, but hey, we're all in this for the love of the game, right? :-)

April 16, 2001

  • I've taken the missions which I had hosted directly on this server offline for the time being, due to the extremely high demand and my transfer limit rapidly approaching. Sorry for the inconvenience :-(
  • I've also decided to only show screenshots in medium and small (800x600 and 640x480), as the large shots eat up a lot of data transfer as well. I haven't updated all the .htm files though, so the "L" links will just appear broken for the time being
  • I've taken off the older news from this page. I'll make it available on another page, but for now it's just gone. I'll keep up news that is less than a month old.

April 13, 2001

  • Updated "The Inverted Manse" to version 1.1 - fixed some bugs, especially the framerate on the "Warrior" difficulty setting.
  • I will have to limit the FM downloads directly from this server, as the demand is much higher than my alloted transfer limit. I'll keep you posted.

April 11, 2001 - MAJOR UPDATE!

  • The Keep of Metal and Gold has a new home!!! (ready, set, BOOKMARK!) is now where you can find the Complete Thief Fan Mission Archive :-).
  • Recent Fan Missions will now be hosted directly from this server for easy downloading, then later transfered to other servers or i-drive for "old-mission" storage to make room for the newer missions.
  • New page arrangment - like it? :-) Room has been made for more efficient use of tables and navigation, though some older sections, such as most of the screenshot galleries, have not been fully updated.
  • New title graphic for "The Keep of Metal and Gold" with the artistic help of my wife
  • New animated gifs here and there (hopefully not too much loading time)

  • NEW T2 MISSION! - "The Inverted Manse" by Sledge (sequel to "Cult of the Resurrection"), along with a no-briefing version and the briefing available as a separate download
  • Four more screenshots of greypatch23's upcoming T2 campaign "The Red Nightfall: Coloza's Pain"
  • A screenshot of Frozenman's upcoming SS2 mission
  • Screenshots of Imposter's upcoming T2 mission "Glamis Castle"
  • Screenshots of Metalhead's upcoming T2 mission "Absolute Power"
  • Screenshots of Necrovox's upcoming T2 mission
  • Screenshots of belboz's upcoming T2 2-mission campaign "Up Shistuff Creek/Shore Leave"

April 08, 2001

  • I've been busy lately with school and work, and, as my winter semester finals are coming up next week, I will be a bit behind with the Keep until the end of April or so. But I'll try to get up some new upcom's that I have.
  • I've registered the domain name, which will be up and running by the end of April, along with some overhauls and improvements to the site, all of which will hopefully be welcome :-). The new server will have some extra space so I'll be able to host some FM's directly from the Keep for easy downloading - Yippee! I'll have a 5 gig monthly download limit, which I will moniter myself, so we'll see how that goes.
  • I've decided to stay at Babbages, to keep all my great benefits, but I talked to the manager and will be working VERY few hours, like one day every other week or something. That will make my summer more bearable, as I'll be TA'ing 4 sections of American Heritage at BYU
  • Thanks for all the support, you guys are the best :-)

April 01, 2001

  • Crappy Fortune City has blocked my downloads!!! I thought making you taffers actually go to their site and look at their ads before downloading the file you want was good enough (I didn't actually directly link to the files you see), but NOOOOOO, they don't like it anyway. Sorry folks, but I'm working on a more permanent solution, and I'll let you know soon...
  • I'm considering ending my "career" (joke) at Babbages. It's been a good job since last July, but now we got this new manager who's kinda cool personally, but is laying out a lot more actual responsibility on us little minimum wage employees than I think I'd like to have.

    I've only been working under 5 hours a week there (I am a full time student and have another mucho better paying job too), so the little Babbages income wouldn't be missed. But the benefits would be - free checkouts, 25% employee discount, free game magazines, free games now and then, endless free demo disks, t-shirts, overstock items, pre-release games (yup, the companies sometimes send out early betas that we can have), etc...

    I'm still thinking it over though, nothing set yet.

March 28, 2001

  • NEW T1/G MISSION! - "The Mystery Man" by Doaal
  • Added three more screenshots of pakmannen's upcoming T1G mission
  • Added screenshots of Tomi's upcoming T1G mission
  • Added screenshots of TheWatcher's upcoming T2 mission "The Legacy of Va-Toran."
  • Updated Dashjianta's T2 mission beta "Curse of the Carnival" - many bugs fixed

March 26, 2001

  • NEW T2 MISSION! - "Gervasius' Archery Tournament" by Constable Michael

March 24, 2001

  • Added two more screenshots of Doc4's upcoming SS2 mission "Arboretum"
  • Added screenshots of DonkeyKong's upcoming T2 mission "Fortune and Glory"
  • Added screenshots of Poindexter43's upcoming T2 mission "Lord Charles"
  • Added screenshots of YcatX's upcoming T1/G mission "Ruins of Originia"
  • Finished SS2 - I thought it was great, but Thief is better
  • I turned 25 years old on March 22nd! A quarter-century, cool :-) Life is good!

March 21, 2001

  • Fixed some file size info for a few FM's (nothing major)
  • Put back the old news onto the bottom of this page, back to January 25th, if you're interested
  • I've been playing System Shock 2 for the past couple days - that game is AWESOME now that I have weapons degradation set at 0! Man, I couldn't stand having my lazer gun or pistal jam every 8 or 10 shots, and fall apart so soon, but now things are good, and the game is INTENSE! Highly recommended :-)

March 18, 2001

  • Added "Missions by Author" section, where if you know the author that made a certain mission you can look it up by that author's name (usually his or her 'forum' name). Also, any e-mail links are here, as well as some other information on the authors themselves.
    - This section is new and may lack some information, so if you are an author, go ahead and email me with any (brief) information you would like included :-)
  • Updated ALL pages border graphic, plus some mission info here and there that was slightly off

March 15, 2001

  • Put in Javascript image preload on navigation buttons embossing for the mouseover (does that make any sense at all? :-) )
  • To get files from my i-drive without dealing with the download limit:
    - Get your own i-drive account.
    - Visit my i-drive by clicking HERE
    - Port the files you want directly over to your own i-drive.
    - Download the files directly from your own i-drive account :-)

March 11, 2001

  • Added "Missions Alphabetical" section, where if you already know the mission you want you can look it up by alphabetical order. The nav button to the left is "ABC."
  • Updated Psuedonymouse's mission "The Prodigal Corpse" - fixed a couple bugs, especially the not ending correctly bug.

March 7, 2001

  • Added screenshots for Doc4's upcoming SS2 mission "Arboretum" 03-07-01
  • Added screenshots for Sharga's upcoming T1/G mission "MOC2 - Mansion of Chaos" 03-07-01
  • Added screenshots for Dave Angel's upcoming T2 mission "Seafarer." 03-07-01

March 6, 2001

  • Added new navigation buttons (they took FOREVERS to make!) on the left.
  • Added a permanent "FM CD" button and page title graphic.
  • Reorganized Home page.

March 4, 2001

  • The FM CD is on indefinite hold. After speaking with various individuals, I have decided to put the CD on pause while all the requisite permissions and other considerations are taken care of, as a legal precaution.
  • I will do my best to get everything all taken care of soon, so that all you taffers out there can play these great Fan Missions. But for now, I am no longer taking orders.
  • If you have questions regarding orders or my future plans or the situation, Click Here for more info.
  • You may also feel free to email me

  • Added pics for the mr_luc's upcoming T2 mission "The Garden" (minus the "show stats" junk).
  • Added more pics for GayleSaver's upcoming mission "Hospital."
  • Added pics for krompac's recent T1/G mission "The Fiend."
  • Added pics for my recent T1/G mini-mission "The Spider Caves."
  • Added a link to Sharga's Thief site, home of the upcoming mission "MOC2- Mansion of Chaos."

March 1, 2001

  • I have put together a CD filled with all the Thief Fan Missions for both T1 and T2, plus many other helpful files and extras. Click Here for more info.

  • Added new T2 mission "The Eye of Ruth" by William the Taffer.
  • Added more detailed Postal Rate information for International shipping of the FM CD

February 27, 2001

  • Added new T1/G mission "The Fiend" by krumpac.

February 26, 2001

  • Added new T1/G mission "The Spider Caves" by Komag (me!) - just a little mission I put together to test a few things and have some fun.

February 25, 2001

  • $4 US ($6 if overseas) for a CD with all Thief Fan Missions!!!

    This is a proposal, and I only want you to reply if you WOULD buy it if I made them. The money would only be covering my costs for the CD burner, blank CD's, and shipping to you (hence the slightly higher cost for overseas shipping), so I would not be making any profit whatsoever from doing this.

    I think this would help more people get the great Fan missions who cannot download them due to slow modems or innaccessability (server problems, stinking i-drive limits, etc...), and would only serve to broaden the fan base for Thief. Everybody wins, and I'm enthusiastic enough about Thief that I'd be willing to donate the time to burn and mail the disks.

    So, if you WOULD buy such a CD, filled with all or nearly all of the Thief Fan missions, along with a few other essential files (such as Darkloader, Thiefloader, demos, skins, etc...), then email me with a short note saying so, with FM CD in your subject line.

  • Added link to Loanstar's awesome sound/conversations website "Music to Thieve By" in my "Friends" section. Very highly recommended!
  • Added Dashjianta's T2 mission "Curse of the Carnival" BETA version

February 24, 2001

  • Put the newest few FM files on another webserver (my old "EasyWebIncome" site) for easier downloading, instead of clogging i-drive with the downloads. Most of the missions are still on i-drive - just the most recent ones are on the new server. Just click on the title of the mission (as usual), then find the mission on the new screen and click on it again to download it.
  • Added screenshots of the new T2 Upcoming Mission "Coloza's Pain".
  • Added screenshots of the new T1 Upcoming Mission "The Saint of Redmound" by Morrgan.
  • Added new screenshots of the T2 (switched from T1) Upcoming Mission "The Seventh Crystal" by Saturnine.

February 23, 2001

  • Added screenshots of the new T2 mission "Bloodsport" by Metalhead.
  • Added screenshots of the recent T2 mission "Lucrative Opportunity" by Spanker.

February 21, 2001

  • Added more screenshots of Sledge's upcoming mission "The Inverted Manse".

February 20, 2001

  • Added new T2 Fan Mission "Bloodsport" by Metalhead, with and without a briefing.

February 17, 2001

  • Added links to the titles of FM's on all pages - just click on the FM title, then click on the file name that you want to download.
  • Added more pics for Majic's upcoming mission "The Shadow of Karras."
  • Added a couple preliminary pics from my own T1/G mission in progress "The Two Towers" (working title).

February 16, 2001

  • Added links to the titles of FM's on this page (will do the rest soon) directly to the folder on i-drive where the file is kept (by month released).
  • To download a mission (at least from this page), just click on the title, then click on the file name you want to download.

February 13, 2001

  • Removed links to ttlg FM files. If you want to download FM's now, you can either go to and find them there (currently unavailable, however), or you can go to my i-drive (see Notes).
  • Changed FM charts to include the filename for the FM file on my i-drive, so you can find the correct file (the filenames can sometimes be a bit cryptic).
  • Changed Upcoming FM chart to be more compact - deleted the "File Size" and "CSS Rank" columns.

February 11, 2001

  • Added screenshots for the upcoming mission "Visiting Durant's Mansion" by Dark Arrow
  • BTW, to download FM's, do not click on the FM title (temporary problem), but go to my i-drive. The link is at the bottom of the "Notes" to the left.

February 06, 2001

  • Added screenshots for the upcoming mission "The Mystery Man" by Doaal

February 04, 2001

  • Added screenshots for 6 more upcoming missions: Durant; Dusk; Shadow of Karras; The Seventh Crystal; Same Shistuff, Different Day; and T2X (had a few already).

January 25, 2001

  • Added a few links to the "Friends" section, reordered it to big sites on top, personal pages on bottom (roughly)

Before January 25, 2001

  • The Keep of Metal and Gold started out as "Ben's Favourite Thief Missions" (or something similar, I can't really remember) sometime in 2000. I was using some crappy free hosting service with a bunch of nasty ads on the page.

  • At the VERY beginning, I was such a beginner webdesigner that I didn't even realize it was a bad idea to directly link to files hosted on another website. I had linked my favourite missions from Thief-TheCircle! Dan emailed me and yelled that it was a big no-no, so I fixed that real fast.

  • I finally got my own Dot Com ( towards the end of 2000, and switched my forums newbie handle from "benramsey" to "Keeper of Metal and Gold".